The following nine intelligences are imbued in our children with emphasis on activities:

  • Linguistic intelligence: Dramatization, role -play.
  • Mathematical and logical intelligence: simple science experiments, puzzles, shape sorter, cooking, gardening, grid board, role- play, abacus, tanagrams.
  • Visual and spatial intelligence: tearing and pasting, Lacing and buttoning.
  • Bodily kinesthetic intelligence: Sand and water play, obstacle race.
  •  Musical intelligence: sound cylinders, musical instruments and singing songs.
  • Inter-personal intelligence: Clean up time, creative work in groups.
  • Intra-personal intelligence: Drama, Morning message, reverence.
  • Spiritual: Caring for the environment, sharing, and narration of value-based stories.
  • Naturalist: Gardening, judicious use of water, nature walks, visit to zoo and circus, feeding the birds.
  • And the co scholastic domains include activities like: story narration, dramatization, show and tell, origami, colouring and drawing, memory games, fancy dress, art and craft , quiz, talks show, recitation, printing, music, dance, trips and excursions etc.


Montessori Wing Celebrates Annual Day 2022


Every year the Annual Day celebrations forms an integral part of every school’s academic calendar which provides a mega platform to our children to showcase their talent and skills to the fullest amidst an invigorating environment.

This year, Montessori wing of Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL celebrated its  Virtual Annual Day on Tuesday , March 15, 2022. The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest Mr. Dilbagh Singh, a popular singer, songwriter and a musician.  The event was presided by the members of the management and the school Heads.

The grand celebration commenced with the formal welcome address extended by Vice Principal, Mr. A.A.Khan. All the parents, students and teachers brimming with enthusiasm witnessed the marvellous performance of the little cherubs through the virtual platform. The Virtual Annual Day was celebrated with equal fervour and the effervescent performances by the exuberant cherubs from Pre-School, Pre-Primary and classes I and II enthralled the audience.

The programme commenced with rendition of prayer by the school choir. It was followed by a scintillating dance dedicated to Lord Krishna. Young leaner’s brimming with confidence and panache presented the Annual Report highlighting the achievements of the school in the session 2021-2022.

The highlight of the mega event was an impressive musical ballet- ‘A Voyage to Planet –G.’ All kids beautifully decked up kids in vibrant attires, smashing smile, confidence and élan motivated the audience to be kind and generous in their attitude towards life. Their scintillating moves and gusto to give their best enthralled the audience. The function culminated with the vote of thanks by Montessori Headmistress Ms. Ravinder Anand. Overall, the event was a great success.





                                                                     Little Munchkins of Indraprastha Celebrated Danceation
                                             ‘Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.It is the hidden language of the soul.'
Indraprastha World School has always believed in giving their students an opportunity to exhibit their potential in the area of interest, skill or talent.The students of Class -1 showcased their dancing skills in the mega online event- DANCESATION , a folk dance competition where these tiny tots mesmerised their mentors, teachers, parents and friends through their elegant and aesthetic dance movements and gave the audience a glimpse of the wide cultural heritage of our country-India.This event marked the spirit of healthy competition which is key to the holistic development and empowerment through the means of extracurricular activities besides, their academic curriculum.
Grandparents’ Day Celebration
Indraprastha World School celebrated virtual Grandparents’ Day on Monday December 13, 2021. The programme commenced with rendition of prayers by the school choir which was followed by a dance recital as an invocation to Lord Ganesha. The children made the day memorable by reciting lovely rhymes about grandparents and presenting the ballet- “My Grandparents, My Pride” which highlighted the strong bond of love between this wonderful relationship. Smashing smiles, vibrant attires and stellar performances enthralled the audience exhibiting confidence and style.
There were some touching moments where the elderly guests also shared their views. They reiterated their responsibility as the role models and mentors for their younger generation, historians teaching values, instilling ethnic heritage and passing on family traditions as they believe children carry the legacy not only of what is given but also fill the voids left behind by the elders.



Graduation Day Celebration(2020-2021)


“Pre-Primary Graduation is just the beginning of the most important journey in life.”


Celebration of Graduation Day for Pre- Primary children is the most proud moment.  An online Graduation Day for class Pre-Primary students was organized on March 22, 2021 through the zoom platform.

The programme commenced with the welcome speech extended by Ms Ravinder Anand, Headmistress Montessori wing. The event commenced with the inaugural dance invoking the blessings of the Almighty. The melodious song sung by tiny tots enthralled the audience. The children made the day memorable by highlighting the achievements of the academic session 2020- 2021. The flawless presentation of the Annual report held the spectators in awe. Thereafter, the little graduated were presented with trophies. Each student displayed their certificates and trophies with pride.

The highlight of the celebration was the ballet- The Genesis- Tyari jeet ki, which celebrated childhood and the great achievements of the little ones. Their rhythmic moves, and acting skills of Pre Primary kids won every ones admiration. The Graduation Day Celebration provided the students with a unique virtual platform to showcase their talents, too.




Tiny Tots of Indraprastha Celebrating victory of Good over Evil

Reinforcing the legacy of the victory of goodness over evil, deity over the evil, little cherubs of IPWS decked up in colourful attire shiwcased their talent and beautifully conveyed the message of victory of good over evil on the occasion of Dusshera. In their formative years, all the children of Montessori wing exhibited the best of their talent and entralled the audience through their mesemerizing presentations including-  skit, role play, poem Recitation etc.




Tiny Tots of Indraprastha celebrating @ 75th Independence Day

The pandemic has confined the students to their homes but it cannot dampen their patriotic spirit and pride for the nation. In the times of virtual learning, little patriotics of class 1-A2 of Indraprastha World School celebrated the 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2021. Young learners shiwcased their love for their motherland and extended their tribute the martyrs, who sacrificed their life for their motherland.




Little Munchkins of Indraprastha Celebrated Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan  is one of most endearing festivals to celebrate the bond between a brother and sister. Young saplings of IPWS presented a wonderful assembly on this special day andcentralled the spectators.