“Flaming enthusiasm backed by a horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.”

 An unremitting devotion, hard work and dedication coupled with our core strength, the world class infrastructure, latest techniques, constant monitoring and supervision constantly assists the students of IPWS to achieve the outstanding results in the CBSE Examination of Class X and XII and leave an ineffaceable impression on the sands of time. Thereby, reaffirming the adage, “Success is more of attitude than aptitude.” Our academic achievers always prove that in the vast treasure of hard work one can find a great resource of success and knowledge. 


“Winners are a class apart,
They confront the given,
They challenge the equilibrium,
They defy the paradigm.”
Every year the entire Indraprastha family turns its gaze towards the platform where we announce the outstanding contribution of our students in academics.
Work on marble or brass is effaced with time; therefore, we work to infuse minds with high principles and a love for learning which enlightens forever and are a true reflection of the year gone by.  It reverberates with the academic achievements of our deserving students and resonates with their excellence.
The scholar badge felicitation ceremony is the crowning point for a year of hard work, dedication, discipline, creativity and intellect for our laureates. These dedicated young IPITES are a credit to our institution and an inspiration to all. This year, this day was adorned on Saturday, 22 January 2022 on virtual mode in two slots, the first slot for Secondary & Senior Secondary department and the second slot to recognize the academic excellence of the students of the Middle classes. More than 224 students were honoured with super scholar badges, Ties, Monograms and Blazers. It was a moment of pride for everyone for academic prowess was at the hilt.
The scholars of Indraprastha along with their parents and grandparents attended the feat with great pride and enthusiasm. Seeing them all in one frame was a rare privilege. The efforts of the school were  sincerely  appreciated by the stakeolders.






Results ( Academic Session: 2020-21)





Results ( Academic Session: 2019-20)




Scholar Badge Ceremony (2019) 

Scholar Badge Ceremony was organized on Saturday, October 19, 2019 to appreciate the efforts of the academic excelsior’s of class X for their commendable achievement in Class X Board examination.The event was presided by the school Principal Ms Shikha Arora. The efforts of 52 young scholars were appreciated and acknowledged.  They all were motivated and encouraged to continue their endeavours to excel in future also.


Scholar Badge Ceremony

Scholar Badge Ceremony was organized on Saturday, May 4, 2019 to appreciate the efforts of the academic excelsior’s from classes VI TO XII. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr Madhu Pruthi, Principal Keshav Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi.  The event was presided by Ms Anupama, Additional Director, Indraprastha Group and the school Principal Ms Shikha Arora

The dignitaries felicitated the 96 scholar badge recipients from classes VI to XII and lauded their sincere endeavours to emerge as winners in academics. The chief guest congratulated the management and the talented staff for giving their best in shaping the future of the young citizens of tomorrow.