The bus service provided by the school is a facility only and is optional. The school provides transport facilities on selected routes only. The lists of stops are prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all the bus commuters and change in this list may not be possible.

• Bus fee is payable along with the tuition fee and it is payable for twelve months.

• Students availing the school buses are expected to reach the bus stops at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus.

• The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops only.

• Students should stand at the designated side of the bus stop.

• Buses will not wait for the late comers.

• No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it has come to a complete halt.

• While the bus is in motion, students must neither move around in the bus nor lean out of the window.

• Helper of each bus has a mobile; the number can be obtained from the Transport In Charge.

• Discarding of trash or food stuff either inside or outside the bus is not permitted.

• Students must be made to memorize their route number.

• Students are expected to maintain discipline in the bus.

• Parents are expected to arrive at the scheduled stop well in time in the afternoon; otherwise the child would be brought back to the school. The parents must carry their I-cards.

• Any complaint regarding the transport should be communicated to the Headmistress / Transport In Charge.

• Parents should, for the safety of their children, ensure that their wards are always escorted to and from the bus stops.

• Parents are requested not to board the bus and get into any argument with the driver/ helper/ student/ teacher in charge. On no account, should any parent delay the school bus.

• Students are allowed to use only their allotted bus and bus stop. Request for a temporary change in bus or bus stops will not be entertained.

• Students, who miss the allotted bus, should not try to board any other bus. In such cases, it is the responsibility of parents to drop their wards to the school. Such students may, however, return by their allotted bus.

• In case there is a permanent change in the stop and/or bus route, prior permission for the same has to be obtained through an application on the prescribed form available at the school office. The change shall become effective only after the school grants written permission.

• The school bus facility may be withdrawn if the students do not follow the rules, misbehave in the bus, disrespect the instructions of the bus teacher/attendant or show an aggressive attitude.

‘Applane Track’, a mobile application is available which is based on GPS tracking system. Parents who have registered their phone number on this application can track the movement of their ward’s school bus in the morning as well as in the afternoon. The parents also get the notification on their mobile phone ten minutes prior to the arrival of the bus at their ward’s bus stop.

Transport Route Details