In accordance with our philosophy” ‘Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child' the purpose of education is to arouse a creative perception in each child, nurture the latent talent, instill courage, confidence and empower them with knowledge, intelligence and innovation to steadily navigate through the perilous global terrain strewn with a milieu of challenges. We aim at promoting a harmonious integrated, emotional, physical, mental and social growth through joyful, meaningful sensorial experiences and opportunities supported by a relevant learner- centric approach applied in a highly conducive environment.


For, we believe that schools are living organisations that shape lives. Our ethos and environment are in perfect blend with our core values and principles. In the backdrop of a highly competitive global scenario, we consistently strive to prepare our students to be strong in mind, body and soul ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow with an undaunted spirit. Our holistic approach blends with a strong sense of nationalism, appreciation of Indian art, culture and pride in our glorious past and rich heritage.