“The most special phase of life is childhood as it is the happiest and purest time of lived human experience”
Children's Day was celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm by the little Munchkins of IPWS on November 14. The teachers made the occasion memorable for the children by organizing  a special Bal Sabha. The children thoroughly enjoyed the melodious medley of songs, tapped their feet on sonorous reniditions and enthusiastically  participated in activities like the Magic show, puppet show and many outdoor games . The highlight of the day was a marvellous Dance drama presented  by the Montessori teachers. The day ended on a memorable note making each child feel special and they went home with a smile on their face. 




Tiny Tots Celebrated the Festival of Lights.
“Creativity follows mastery, so mastery of skills is the first priority of young talent.”
Pre- Primary Daffodil organised the Festival of Lights- Diwali with pomp and show.  Tiny tots of IPWS beautifully exhibited the journey of Lord Rama’s exile and his return through a musical ballet wherein kids enacted and danced with exuberance. Their exquisite performance proved that where learning is purposeful, their creativity blossoms.
Each child decked up as the characters from Ramayana captivated the attention of the audience. Everyone appreciated the marvellous effort made by the young learners to showcase their culture and love for learning too.




" Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of Love."
- Mother  Teresa
On the occasion of World Smile Day 2022, little munchkins participated in the Bal Sabha to celebrate the day. The tiny tots of IPWS participated in Hasya Kavita presentaion, swayed on the tunes of melodious songs, performed laughter yoga and promised to keep smiling, for smiling makes life beautiful.





Tiny Tots at IPWS Celebrate Janmashtami


'The more you praise and celebrate life the more there is in life to celebrate.' From the mesmerizing tune of the flute, to the earthen pots filled with the sweet tasting butter...from the radiant and beautiful hues of the peacock feather...to the adorned swing with the idol of the ever innocent-looking Bal Krishna...each aspect of this lovely festival of 'Janmashtami', that marks the birth of Lord Krishna, holds a special space in the hearts of the little ones. The Bal Sabha commenced with the choir of devotional songs and dance performances by the students of Pre-School Lily in praise of Lord Krishna. The tableaus of glorious Bal Leela helped the children in visualizing the childhood of Lord Krishna as their facilitator narrated the related stories.

Dr Rajesh Hassija, Director, wished and blessed the little ones and motivated them to follow the teachings of the Lord.