School Transport

A typical day at Indraprastha Schools starts for our students with gleam and joy at the sight of the school bus. The suave, air-conditioned fleets of buses are a pleasure to the eyes. Comfortable from inside and good to travel in, the transport system caters to the travelling needs of students in most parts of Delhi and NCR.


 Our school has been highly appreciated for their transport safety measures by the Department of Education for placing the GPS facility in use in all their school buses, for the convenience of parents to check the real time location of school buses carrying their children through the mobile app “App Track”. 


Infirmary/School Clinic

The well-equipped Infirmary at Indraprastha World School provides immediate medical attention First Aid to the students. The school has a full time qualified doctor and an experienced nurse to treat minor ailments and injuries. The medical staff periodically carries out medical checkup of all students and maintains records/findings for future references.  For emergency, students requiring medical attention are referred to a nearby hospital or clinic. Parents are informed in case the child is advised special treatment.



The House System of the school promotes the feeling of coordination, healthy competitive spirit, leadership and self-restraint among the students.


The students from classes I to XII are divided into four houses, namely Charity, Honesty, Purity and Unity.  Each house comprises a House Warden along with the team of Captain, Vice Captain and Prefects who are an epitome of personal integrity, teamwork and cooperation.

Inter-house competitions are conducted on regular basis under different categories such as drawing, craft, quiz, debate, extempore, poetry recitation, elocution and dance, to foster the spirit of confidence and to hone the talent in young children.

Students display articles and pictures on a specific theme given for the decoration of the house boards. The boards are assessed and graded every month by competent authorities. Points are awarded to houses for their performance to keep up their competitive spirit. 


The overall winner is awarded a Rolling Trophy. Certificates are awarded to meritorious students

School Library- the Focal Centre of Learning

“Libraries are just more than stores of books and knowledge.”


The school supports learner-oriented laboratories which support, extend and individualize the school curriculum. A well-stocked library with an excellent collection of books is open for all the students and staff members. They have an equitable access to books and reading. It is a repository of information.


 Students spend precious time browsing the pages of the books in a peaceful, pleasing and inviting atmosphere. The huge collection of books is assorted in various sections like- magazines, encyclopedias, inspirational books, fiction and competitive books.


 All the classes are provided with at least one library period per week. The students have to observe the following rules:

  • They must observe silence in the library.
  • Books other than reference books are issued for a period of 7 days only.
  • Throughout the vacations, the library remains open to facilitate reading and refer to books for the academic enhancement.
  • The library has an open shelf system. The students should not disturb the order and arrangement of books stacked in different shelves. After consultation, they must put the books on the tables, and not on the shelves.
  • The students are encouraged to write book reviews of the books they have read and submit the same to the teacher /librarian for display on the library board.
  • The students must bring their Almanac to the library. They are advised to write the titles and the authors of the books read.
  • There are class libraries in all sections of classes I to V to promote the reading habit among young children.


School - Home Partnership

Parents are equal partners in educating ‘Our’ children. The involvement of parents is sought in all the school programmes. Parent-Teacher Meetings are held on regular basis to apprise the parents with their wards’ performance. It aims at acquainting them with their ward’s specific strengths and weaknesses in scholastic areas. The purpose of these meets is to keep the stake holder-parents and teachers focus at the holistic development of each child and to strengthen the bond between the school and home.


Guidance and Counselling Facilities

Indraprastha is aware of the stress which the students undergo. Keeping in sync with the problems faced by them in this fast changing world, the school has a guidance and counselling cell.  The counsellor helps them cope with their problems and facilitates balanced growth.

The developmental needs of adolescents are anticipated and corrective steps are taken to help them experience a smooth transition from one stage to another. In order to ensure a healthy and all round development, the following activities are conducted at regular intervals:-

• Parental interviews to ascertain the exact nature of the students' problems.

• Individual and group counselling to guide the students to be self-reliant.

• Follow-up of children with special needs and providing them the required facilities based on

   CBSE  guidelines.

• Orientation workshops and seminars for the teachers, parents and students.


Web Portal

An online web portal for the students’ and parents is available at www.indraprasthaschool.com. The web portal provides timely updates. Once a student is admitted to the school, a unique login is provided wherein, students/parents can log in, using allocated username and password to access the personal information, timetable, exam schedules, latest happenings, achievements, online assignments, activity schedule, syllabus, model test papers, circulars, photo gallery, upcoming holidays, homework, etc.


For example: 

Student's Name : Aanya Sachdeva

Username : ipis"Admn.no." / ipws"Admn.no." / ipgs"Admn.no."

(This is branch specific).

Password : will be auto generated