Indraprastha World School believes that every child is a reservoir of courage, energy and talent which is recognized and nurtured through multifarious inter house activities and competitions. These activities aim at giving right exposure and opportunity for self expression both on stage and play field. To keep pace with the changing times, the co-curricular activities are given equal importance as the academics as they aim at bringing out the best in each child. These activities not only broaden the horizon, but also give them an exposure that is par excellence .The zeal with which the students participate in these  activities and competitions   not only exhibits their spirit of competitiveness, camaraderie, group dynamics but also strengthen their confidence


IPWS Kickstarts New Session with Spark of Creativity

"Learning is a journey that never ends; every step taken is a new discovery, and every challenge overcome is a lesson learned."

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL kicked off the new academic session by engaging primary classes II to V in exciting and interactive learning experiences. Each class participated in a unique activity tailored to their level, fostering creativity and skill development.

Class II students delved into the world of clay modelling, sculpting beautiful artworks with their hands and imaginations. Meanwhile, Class III embarked on a tropical art adventure, unleashing their creativity to depict vibrant and exotic scenes.

In the realm of doodle art, Class IV students explored innovative expressions, letting their pens wander freely to create captivating and unique compositions. And for Class V, the focus shifted to the ancient art of origami, where students crafted intricate nature scenes, showcasing their mastery of the craft and generating a plethora of imaginative ideas.






Inter-House Sports Tournament


Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL's vibrant spirit came alive on February 29 during the highly anticipated inter-house sports tournament. Students from grades 4 and 5, representing houses Purity, Honesty, Charity, and Unity, eagerly showcased their athletic prowess in football, cricket, athletics, tug of war, badminton, and skating. Each house not only competed in sports but also embodied distinct values: Purity displayed fair play and integrity, Honesty showcased transparency and accountability, Charity exhibited teamwork and compassion, while Unity exemplified collaboration and inclusivity.

The atmosphere crackled with excitement as students cheered passionately for their houses, fostering a deep sense of unity and school spirit. Participants, fueled by sportsmanship and determination, made every match and race thrilling to watch. Behind the scenes, teachers and staff members ensured the smooth running of the event, promoting fair play and providing encouragement to students throughout.

Overall, the inter-house sports competition was a resounding success, promoting physical activity, teamwork, and friendly competition among students. It served as a testament to the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie, leaving a lasting impact and providing invaluable experiences for all involved.