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Picnics, Excursions and Outdoor games

The use of travelling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.”


Learning though recreation  is self-learning. We organise trips and day long picnics and excursions for the students’ enrichment. Picnics and excursions are days full of fun and frolic, The School excursion is an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences. An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it is an extension of the classroom. It is a direct source of knowledge for students and acquaints them with first hand information. It helps in the development of power of observation, exploration, and inculcation of values like tolerance. Inter-personal relationships  and empathy for others.



Around the world in a day: Class 2  Visits Doll Museum!
The young minds of Class 2 visited a Doll's Museum . This educational excursion  aimed to expand their knowledge and introduce them to the rich cultural kaleidoscope of the world. From the intricate folds of Japanese kimonos to the bold prints of Africa, the museum's doll collection transformed into a living storybook. Each  doll was testimony of  a different tradition, captivating the young prodigies with its unique tale. Leaving the museum with smiles brimming with newfound knowledge, the little explorers  proved that learning can be both delightful and enriching. Thereafter,  eagerly await the chance to share their cultural discoveries with friends and family.



National Science Day Celebration
Young scientists of IPWS commemorated National Science Day 2024, promoting the theme “Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat. " emphasizing homegrown scientific progress and innovations. Students from classes II to VIII were engaged in a plethora of activities on National Science Day curated by their mentors to spark their scientific curiosity. The day witnessed diverse activities fostering scientific temper among students. Students in classes II to V were engaged in hands-on learning: DIY experiments, paper weaving, exploring handloom techniques, yoga demonstrations, and pot decoration, all highlighting indigenous technologies. 
While the students from classes VI to XI flexed their scientific muscles by visiting science labs, poster making, comic strips and models demonstrating their understanding and creative application of science. The activities aimed at making young scientists explore and recognize the significance of indigenous technologies in building a "Viksit Bharat" (Developed India).
Visit to the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference 
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference at Subramaniam Hall, NASC Complex, IARI Campus, PUSA New Delhi on 18th March 2023. The two-day global conference had sessions on all important issues related to millets (Shree Anna) like promotion and awareness of millets among producers, consumers and other stakeholders; millets’ value chain development; health and nutritional aspects of millets; market linkages; research and development etc. 
The Prime Minister also inaugurated and visited the Exhibition cum Buyer Seller Meet Pavilion. He also unveiled a Commemorative Stamp and Commemorative Coin. This was followed by the Prime Minister digitally launching a compendium of Indian Millet (Shri Anna) startups and a book of millet (Shri Anna) standards.
An Exhibition-cum- Buyer-Seller Meet (BSM) with a focus on millets was held with the participation of more than 50 domestic and international buyers, importers, exporters and processors for the promotion of millets.
The exhibition of more than 100 stalls showcased millets and millet-based ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products by millet-based startups, exporters and live cooking sessions by various international and national chefs. Students of Class VIII and IX from Indraprastha World School visited the exhibition on 19th March , Sunday. They also interacted with various people who were promoting millets at various stalls. They also learnt about the nutritional value of millets and different products made using them. It was a great learning experience for students.



An Educational Excursion to Bharat Darshan Park


 It is believed that, “Children without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like trees without roots.” To give our students an insight into the past, an educational excursion was organised for the students of Class II and III to Bharat Darshan Park developed from the waste materials.

The park has replicas of popular Indian monuments like the Gateway of India, Mysore Palace, Hampi, Victoria Memorial Hall and Charminar, etc. The green park is home to about 22 replicas of Indian historical and religious monuments created by 200 artists in only 22 months.

The replicas of the monuments not only satiated the curiosity of the young learners but it also assisted in developing their observation power and conversational skills. Besides, students learnt how we can recycle waste material and garbage to create beautiful things and help in conserving their environment.

Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed each and every moment of the excursion. 




Visit to Parle G

"Don’t tell the children about the world, Show them."

The students of classes IV and V were taken to Parle G manufacturing unit in Bahadurgarh – a reputed biscuit and confectionery manufacturing company on 15 October 2022.

Students got a chance to see the process of biscuit making right from dough (the first input) to the last stage i.e., packaging and how each step is performed mechanically. The environment inside was aesthetic and hygienic. The students were shown an animated movie wherein they were apprised with the various products of Parle. Students were given packets of Parle biscuits and delicious Mango Bites.

Overall, the activity was highly interactive and a great learning experience for the students. Through such field trips, we hope to cultivate practical learners by fuelling their innate curiosity and encouraging them to understand in a hands-on way. The field trip was an overall success with the students’ enthusiastic response.






Educational Excursion to Bharat Darshan Park

‘Learning by doing’ is the basis for the experiential learning methodology being followed by Indraprastha World School. We believe that the best way to learn is by actually having experiences which help in retaining information and remembering facts.

The key is to create opportunities for students to have experiences based on the learning concepts.

Our children were introduced to the different Indian monuments by taking them to an excursion to Bharat Darshan Park on a pleasant October morning. It houses replicas of all the famous monuments of India made from scrap material.

To help students grasp the concrete learning, they were shown and told about the story of these monuments beforehand so that when they actually experience seeing the monuments, they can interpret with a unique perspective. According to David Koll’s ELT, abstract conceptualization happens as learners form new ideas or adjust their thinking based on the experience provided and their reflection about it.

To expose children to active experimentation wherein learners apply the knowledge, children were told to draw the monuments they had seen. They also had group discussion and structured conversation to reflect about the learning experience.





A Fun Filled Excursion to Joygaon

A fun filled excursion to Joygaon, Bahadurgarh was organized for the students of pre-school, pre- primary and class I  at at Joygaon, Bahadurgarh for the students of classes Pre-School, Pre-Primary and class I. The students took part in various interesting activities like Zip Line, Commando Crawl, Rock Climbing, Mirror Maze, Fun Rides, Tractor Ride, Camel Ride and energizing games. The activities strengthen their motor skills and developed the values of teamwork and togetherness. The amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited by students was highly appreciable. Sumptuous meals were enjoyed by the students. It was a joyful and enriching experience for everyone.




Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL organised a day long, fun-filled excursion to ‘Delhi Eco Village and Adventure’ (DEVA Farms) for classes VII- XII on Friday,  December 27, 2019. The excrusion was organsied to break the monotony of the daily routine and develop inter personal skills of the students amidst the unusual exotic wilderness  seasoned with an element of adventure and thrill along with unlimited fun and enjoyment.


DEVA farms offered a series of village, sports and recreational activities.  A warm welcome awaited the children followed by a scrumptious breakfast after which they were taken for plethora of adventure activities like Burma bridge, zip liner, river crossing, rappelling, commando net, rope ladder, tunnel crossing, balance beam, spider web, and zorbing.


After a hearty lunch, children had an overview of creative and domestic village activities like a walk-through nature, Potter’s wheel, camel ride, tractor ride, chaupal chakki and village cooking. Apart from all this, the live DJ session kept our young audience entertained and energized throughout the day.


Exhausted, yet high in spirits, students returned with wonderful memories to share with their parents. The excursion strengthened in them a bond of friendship, sense of responsibility, value of sharing and caring and quality of independence.




Visit to Kidzania

Indraprastha World School organised a visit to Kidzania, the global educational theme park for children of Pre-Primary and Class I on Saturday, August 31, 2019 to give them an integrated learning experience outside the classroom.
Young learners were involved in many fun-filled activities amidst a rich learning environment. Children participated in many activities while having fun they experienced the nuances related to different professions and enjoyed a lot. They fostered their autonomy, creativity, decision making and, problem solving skills which complement the school curriculum.




Visit to the Parliament House (India)

Students of class X and XI  visited to the Parliament House in order to familiarise themselves with the ongoing practices of parliamentary affairs. Students witnessed the monsoon session of the legislative assembly ( Lok Sabha ) and got an insight into the procedure of discussion. It was an enriching experience for the young learners.



An Educational Trip to KSCNASA

An educational trip to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), United States of America was organized from 4 June to 15 June, 2019. 46 students of class VI-XII and 10 staff members visited the Kennedy Space Centre. It was a life time experience. In two day Astronaut training camp at NASA, where the team explored the visitor's complex,  Vehicle Assembly Building, Saturn V. Rocket, Space Shuttle, Atlantis Complex Rocket Garden, IMAX Movie, Virtual documentaries and participated in the Astronaut training programme. Students interacted with the veteran astronaut ‘JOHN BLAHA.’ Young learners were briefed about the admission process at MIT and Harvard University.



The  spectacular Disney land, the wizardly world of Harry Potter Island of Adventures at the Universal Studio and famous Times Square mesmerized everyone. The majestic view of Niagara falls in dazzling lights, ferrying to Liberty Island, the magnificence of the Statue of Liberty, the boat ride, the Maid of the Mist transported the students to the foot of the falls. It was a splendid experience to have a 360 degree aerial view of the New York City from the 102nd floor of the One World Observatory. The tour was indeed a lifetime opportunity for the students. It was an educative, thrilling and a learning experience for all.


Trip to Uttrakhand - Bhimtal, Nainital & Mukteshwar (Classes V to XI)

Trips and excursions are days full of fun and frolic.  Such activities aim at inculcating the values of leadership, love, care, togetherness and the spirit of camaraderie among young learners.


Indraprastha organized four days and three nights thrilling trip to the most popular and exquisite hills stations of Uttrakhand- Bhimtal, Nainitaland Mukteshwarfor students of class VIII.


Amidst the nature’s bounty students got opportunity to view Himalayas, visit lake sites of SaatTaal, Bhimtal,Nainilake, Mukteshwar temple and the famous tourist spot Chauli Ki Jaali.  All students enjoyed adventure activities like trekking, rappelling, zip line, Burma bridge, and nature’s walk which offered different learning experiences to them.


Throughout the journey, students relished sumptuous delicacies at exquisite eating joints like Haveli, Burger King, Bikanerwala, Aamod Resort and Ojasawi Resort. Amidst chilly weather, bon fire and dancing was an inseparable part of the merriment.  It was an enriching experience for all.





Trip To Chail – Kufri 


Curiosity, passion and self-education are the key factors that determine a person's education and lifelong success and the real world that exists beyond the walls of institutions.”


 Keeping in sync with the same, school organised a four-day long, fun-filled trip to Chail and Kufri from May 25, 2018 to May 28, 2018. To break the monotony of the daily routine and make students develop their  inter- personal skills amidst the snow clad picturesque landscape.


The day of arrival was filled with movement when students travelled to Chail, Himachal Pradesh in comfortable Volvo buses. The 12-hour bus journey was an altogether different experience for the students. On arrival, they were allotted rooms and were given a brief introduction about the equipments.  It was followed by the evening snacks. Thereafter, the students enjoyed enjoyed the serene beauty of the place while listening to music.


Next morning, the students began their day with Yoga and Pranayam session. After breakfast, students were safely escorted to a specially developed site for activities like rock climbing, rappelling, flying fox, archery, double-rope and river crossing. After performing the rigorous physical activities, the students reached the resort where they spent a lot of time enjoying the lovely weather and enthusiastically participated in the group activities with their friends. They sang, danced around the bon fire and relished the sumptuous dinner.


 On May 27, 2018 after breakfast, we left for an enigmatic tour to Kufri and enjoyed watching the Himalayan Nature Park, a small museum, shopping arcade and zoo. Students enjoyed buying gifts for their loved ones amidst beautiful weather. The  excited children started with the much-awaited trekking.


 Two groups were made according to the trek-route. The last point of the trek was ‘A Temple in My Dream’- A Shiva Temple built and owned by Mr. Ravi Bhushan.


As they say, ‘All good things come to an end’ and so did this wonderful excursion. Last day, students enjoyed a healthy breakfast and with a heavy heart packed their luggage to leave for Delhi. Overall, it was a safe and interesting trip.


The trip was successfully executed by the Vishesh Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. Such excursions really illustrate interesting perspectives on self-education, school and the ultimate goal of education. Overall, it was an unforgettable journey. We reached Delhi on May 28, 2018 at 10 pm.  Thereafter, all the students bid adieu to their teachers and happily went on a summer break.