Indraprastha World School strongly uphold the school motto, “Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child.”  As we aim at the holistic development of our young students. The school rears a platform for the young saplings where they get manifold opportunities to boost up their expression and  strengthen creative process by consistently motivating them to acquire the requisite skills by actively participating in the following Performing Arts - theatre,  Music, Dance, Art and Craft.


The enthusiastic participation of each child in these performing arts enhances their ability to imagine, to  create, to perform, and to design. For we believe that, thinking  creatively, giving shape to ideas, and expressing those ideas through different genres  is  not only indispensable to all artistic endeavours, but it also facilitates and enriches the conventional academic pursuits, stimulates problem-solving ability, and  foster originality in concepts among enthusiastic learners  in their tender years .


Unleashing the Powe of IPWS: A Vibrant Tapestry of Club Activities


At Indraprastha, we believe in providing our students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional learning. Our focus is on Activity Based Learning (ABL) and project presentations, where students engage in a multitude of activities and give wings to their imagination and creativity.

The young prodigies of IPWS get opportunities through clubs to give vent to their innovative ideas and thoughts through different club activities such as role play, debate, declamation, computer skills, etc. Throughout the year, each child gets a wide platform to chisel their talent, explore their personal interests, carve their extraordinary abilities, develop their leadership skills and sharpen their interpersonal skills to help them in their future endeavours and make their learning stronger and more interesting.







IPWS students learn about the Tribal Culture through Art


India is unique as it has more than 700 tribal communities. These communities have enriched the country’s cultural heritage through their exquisite art and craft. They have played a leading role in the promotion, protection, and conservation of the environment through their traditional practices. With their vast repository of traditional knowledge, they have been the torch-bearers of sustainable development.

Recogniing the importance of tribals and their role in nation-building, Go Sharpener, in collaboration with Zee Media, Ministry of Culture & Tribal Affairs organized an Edutribe event in the school premises for the students of classes IV and V to spread awareness about the different tribes of India. An enriching colouring activity based on unsung tribal heroes was also conducted to highlight the rightful role of the tribal community in the national development journey and to realize the importance of these tribal heroes and their role in the evolving narrative of India.