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A sport is a way of life at Indraprastha as the school believes in the maxim: Sports build good habits, confidence, and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities. Our students excel in various sports at inter school, national and International level, be it Taekwondo, Cricket, Skating, Football, Swimming, Table Tennis, or badminton.




In the C.B.S.E Roller Skating Championship 2023-24, Our skating team bagged 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. The winning team comprised: Anay Chopra (II A3), Navya Gupta (XII A3), Aanav Gupta (IV A3), Rudraksh Dhingra (X A1), Jahanvi Verma (XI A1) Three students were selected for the C.B.S.E National - Navya Gupta, Aanav Gupta and Rudraksh Dhingra.






Our team of 6 ace skating champs made the school proud by winning one silver and eight Bronze Medals in the 50th DELHI STATE ROLER SKATING Championship 2023-2024: The winning comprised: Arleen Kaur (VIII B2), Navya Gupta (XII A3), Aanav Gupta (IVA3), Jasnadar Singh (I B1), Viraaj Luthra (I A3), Kavya Gupta (V A1). It was a moment of pride when Navya Gupta And Viraj Luthra were selected for the nationals to be organized by RSFI (Roller Skating federation of India. 




Young Champions: Conquering the Pitch, Claiming Victories


In the U-14 cricket tournaments held in Delhi and Jaipur, our ace cricketers gave a tough competition to their opponents and emerged victorious, claiming the Top Positions in both the Tournaments. They brought home a trove of accolades and a trophy, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

The winning team comprised of: Devansh Arora (VIIIA1), Shreyash Chauhan  (VIII B1),Vibhor Taneja (VIII B1),Manraj Singh (VIII B2),Sarrvin Shandilya (VIII B2),Kridhey Berry (VIII A2),Arnav Singh Shokeen (VIII A3),Ahaan Kumar (VIII B1),Abhinav Bali (IX A2),Ayush Dhingra (VII A3),Anuj Sabharwal (IV A2),Vishesh Jatolia (IX B2), Parichit Jain( IX B2), Mohammad Saad Alam( VIII B1),Vishnu Longani (VIII B1).

Vibhor Taneja was awarded with the Best Bowler award, while Manraj Singh was named the Best Batsman. Ahaan Kumar was also felicitated with a 4-year scholarship.

The team's success is a result of the tireless efforts of the players and the coach. Their achievements are a source of immense pride for the school.





Congratulations to the well-deserved Football Champions


The proud football team of U- 14 category showcased their mettle in the Inter school Football tournament held at ITL Public School, Dwarka and were adjudged as the overall champions. The Winning team comprised :  SAHIL SACHDEVA  ( VII B1), GANISHT CHAUHAN ( VII B2), HARSH (VII A3), AARYANSH BHATIA (VIII A3), KRISH RASTOGI (VI A3), REUVEN GANDHI (VI B2), TARUSH MALIK (VI B2), SHIVEN GANDHI (VI B1), RYAN KATYAL (VI A1), VIRAJ TALWAR (VI B2), SAMaGRA KHANNA (VI A3), PRABHMAN Singh (VII A2), JAI RAI (V B2).





Young Skater makes waves at CBSE Skating Championship and Sets Record 
Our budding skater, Anay Chopra (IIA3) whizzing past on his wheels not only secured the  second runner-up in the prestigious CBSE Inter-school Skating Championship 2023, but proved his endurance, mental toughness and  dedication by creating history in the  record-breaking non-stop skating event for 2 hours, solidifying his potential as a rising star in the skating world.



Indraprastha Cricket Academy wins North South Trophy at Shirdi(Maharahtra)

Heartiest  Congratulations to Shreyash Chauhan(VIII B1) for his commendable perfomance as a young cricketer in a tournament organized at shirdi(Maharashtra). Shreyash will be rewarded with the two years scholarship to pursue his passion. Kudos to you!
Heartiest Congratulations to the cricket team for their efforts and winning the Trophy.


Achievers of Indoor National Football 2022 Championship


Our talented and skilled football team participated in the Under 19 Indoor National Football Championship 2022 and won the First runners up position. The winning team comprisedAditiya Rajora (XII-B1), Ankur Bhardwaj (XII-B1), Urwil Mahajan (XII-B1), Vansh Jain (XII-A2), Prabhkrit Singh (VIII-B1), Ranvir Nayyar(X-B1), .Madhav Chandna (IX-B1),  Arpit Batra (XI-A2), Priyansh Pahwa (XII-B1), Rudraksh Dhingra (IX-A1 ) 




Our ace skaters made the school proud by winning One Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals. The winning team comprised:  Sanskriti Goyal (X-A1) bagged one Gold and one Silver Medal, Kavya Gupta (IV-A1) bagged the Silver Medal, Geet Kaur Lamba(VI-A2) bagged a Bronze Medal, Rudraksh Dhingra (IX-A1) bagged one Bronze and one Silver Medal, Utkarsh Kumar (XII-A3) bagged the Bronze Medal.




Taekwondo Championship-22


In CBSE Taekwondo Championship-22, Charvi Chetri (VIII-B2)  won a Gold MedalMayank Yadav (X-A2) won a Silver Medal, Manya Thakur (X-B2) and Ishanvi (X-A1) won a Bronze Medal. Indeed, it was a moment of pride for the IPWS as Charvi Chetri and Mayank Yadav  represented the school in the CBSE National Taekwondo Championship.




Kudos to our ace Table Tennis Champs

Heartiest Congratulations to our budding Table Tennis Players- Shiven Khanna  (V-A2) Dhairya Gupta  (VIII-A1) and  Himank Dhingra (VI-B1) for winning the Second Runners up Position in the Inter School Table Tennis Competition organized at Adarsh Public School, Bali Nagar.
The winners have been felicitated with shimmering trophies and certificates of Merit.




Achievers of Zonal Table Tennis Tournament

In the Zonals Table Tennis Tournament (under 17 girls category): Anushka Kumar (XII A3), Priyanshi Gupta ( VIII A3), and Tripti Ahuja (X A1) won the Second Runners up Position whereas in the boys team, Pavneet Singh ( X A3), Dhairya Gupta ( VII A3), Arhan Garg (VII A1) proved their mettle as tennis champs and clinched the First Runners up Position.




Winners of the zonal Basket Ball Tournament

In the Zonal Basket Ball Tournament (under 17 boys Category) once again physically agile and energetic team bagged the Second Runners up Position. The winning team included: Aman Prince(X A3), Yaksh Khanna( X B2), Krish Narang (X B2), Lakshya Soien( XB1), Ishpreet Singh ( X A1), Shivansh Garg (X A3), and Aman Chikkara( XI B1).



Champions in Football Zonals

It was a moment of pride when our physically agile and energetic team of boys under 17 and 19 boys team in Zonal Football Competition won the First Position in under -19 boy’s category. The proud and skilled team comprised: Hitesh Anand (X1 B1),Aditya rajora (X1 B1), Ankur Bhardwaj(X1 B1), Arjun Kohli (X1 A3),Arnav Ahuja (X11 A2), Advik Wadhera (X1 A2), Dorain Verma (X1 A1), Akshan Aggarwal (X1 A1) Parth Malhotra (X11 B1), Priyansh Pahwa (X1 B1), Jaskirat singh (X1 A3), Gurasees singh (X11 A1), Aryan Sood (X11 B1) Vaibhav (X1 B1), Sukant kumar( X11 B1), Vansh jain (X1 A2).




Winners of the Zonal Athletic Meet 2021

In the Zonal Athletic meet, our young and calibered, Navya Gupta (X B2) clinched a Gold Medal and a Bornze Medal whereas Himansh Arora of (XB2) won 2 Bronze Medals and made the school proud of his achievement.


Delhi Olympic Games Junior Taekwondo Championship 2021-2022

Our skilled and energetic Taekwondo champs exhibited the best of their talent and expertise in the Delhi Olympic Games Junior Taekwondo Championship 2021-2022 organized on December 26, 2021 and brought home lots of laurels. The winning team comprised: Simonepreet Kaur (XII A2) won a Gold medal, Snavi (X B2) won a Silver medal, Aashiya Goyal ( XII A2) won Bronze medal, Mehak Rustagi (XII B1)won Bronze medal in Poomsae Individual category. While in the kyorugi (Fighting) category, Isha Tiwari (XI A1), Siya Narang (XI B1) and Aashiya Goyal (XII A2) won Bronze medals.




Winners of the Inter- Zonal Athletic Meet 2021-22


Our buudding skater showcased the best of their talent and brought home plethora of laurels to the school.  The proud winners were :

  • Navya Gupta (X B2) bagged the 2  Medal and a cash prize of Rs 3700
  • Sanskriti Goyal IX A1) won one silver and one Bronze medal with a cash prize of Rs 2600
  • Vansh Kheria (XI A3) one  Silver and one bronze along with the cash prize of Rs 2600.
  • Utkarsh Kumar ( IX A2) won 2 bronze  medals and won the cash prize of Rs 2200
  • Divya Mittal (XI A3) one 1500 and one bronze 🥉 1100 total =2600
  • Vaibhav Dutt (XI B1) won a single Bronze Medal  



Gold Medalist in Open National Taekwando Championship 2021


Simonpreet Kaur (XII A2) bagged the Gold Medal in the Online Open National Taekwondo Championship under the individual (female) category and made the school proud of Excellent performance in Taekwondo.




Winners of Zonal Atheletic Meet 2021 


Our ace atheletes Navya Gupta ( X B2 ) and Himansh Arora ( XB1) proved their mettel and showcased physical agility in the zonal Athelete, West Delhi. Our talented athletes, Navya and Himansh bagged one Gold,  one Bronze and 2 Silver medals respectively.
Kudos to the winners !




Winner of AITA(All India Tennis Association) Series

Deepam Malik( XA3),  our ace Lawn Tennis National level Player made the school proud by winning  U-16 CS-7 AITA(All India Tennis Association) Series. He is among top forty players in the country as per AITA ranking, at present.
He won both the tournaments and brought home the laurels.
Kudos to our  Champion!!



Winner of AITA Tournament

Kudos to our ace Lawn Tennis Player for winning the Championship series.
Praneet Kaur won CS-3 Girls under 14 hosted by AITA( All India Tennis Association )at Master Tennis Academy Roshanara Club  held from 5 March to 7 March 2021.




National Level Achievers of the session 2019- 2020



Indraprastha Appreciated for Organizing Fit India Freedom Run




Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL as an active partner of Fit India Mission successfully organized Fit India Freedom Run and Fit India Week during the pandemic in order to keep students healthy and fit.The school has been appreciated for its commendable efforts in this field by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports India. 


Represented Schools in the Nationals of Roller Skating 2019- 20 




In the Delhi State Roller Sports Championship held at Hans raj Public School organized by DSA (Delhi Skating Association),  our budding skaters Adhyan Bansal ( VI A3), Gauransh Dutt ( IV A1)  an Paranshu Parauthi ( X A1) clinched the Gold Medals and participated in the Nationals  held at Vishakhaptnam ( AP)

Incredible Swimming Feat Honoured by Delhi Government 


Our ace swimmer,  Shatakshi Sharma (X) has been rewarded a cash prize  of Rs One Lakh Ninety Thousand and a Letter of Appreciation by the Hon' ble Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia. The letter is a testament of the efforts, imaginable hardship and the uncountable hours of training and never give up attitude of  hers.


                           Shatakshi                                                       ShatakshiAppre



Champion at the Open Aquatic Meet 2019 in Girls Group


Ssamridhi Vijayran (XI B2) was Awarded With Best Swimmers Trophy and a cash prize of Rs 2100 by the Directorate of Education, Sports Branch.



Rolling Trophy in Hunnar, St Thomas School, Dwarka


The budding sport stars who bagged the rolling trophy were: Tripti Abuja ( VIIIA2),  Namish Rawal ( IVA2), Rajas Hood ( VIB2) , Deepam Malik ( VIII A1) , Navya(I-B2), Poorvi Asija(II B2), Aadyant Tiwari (IIIB1), Aarnav Bajaj (IIB2),Arleen Kaur(IVA1), Divit Kumar Jain (IVB1), Yash (VB1),Guneet Kaur Ahuja (VIB1), Sanskriti Goyal (VIIA3), Yuvraj Chopra ( VIA1), Grisha Goyal ( VIB1) ,Aarsh Mendiratta ( VIII A1), Navya Gupta ( VIII A2)




 Independent Open Roller Skating Championship 2019




 First Rising Wonder Cricket Tournament ( Under 14)


Aditya Jaiswal(VIII B2), Lakshya Shukla(VIII B2), Lakshya Malhotra(VIII B2), Harshit Arora (VIII B2), Yatharth Babbar(VIII B1), Raja Longani(VIIIA3), Kanav Sharma(VIIIA3), Farman Sapra (VIIIA2), Jayant Singh (VIIIA2), Manan Dua (VIII A2), Ryan Chauhan (VIIA2), Abhinav Shokeen (VII B1), Hemank Aggarwal (VII B1),Krish Bharija (IX B1), Aryan Sharma (IX A2).    



 3rd Master Blaster Under 14 Championship Trophy  


In the 3rd Master Blaster Cricket Tournament organised at Shirdi (Maharashtra).   Lakshay Shukla (VIII B2) and Aditya Jaiswal (VIII B2) smashed two wickets each. Aditya Jaiswal (VIII B2) was declared as the Man of the Tournament, Krish Bharija (IX B1) was adjudged as the Best Batsman of the tournament and Aryan Sharma (IX B2) was declared as the Man of the Match for his excellent contribution of 59 Runs. The collective endeavours of the team proved that no score is too small for their combined brilliance to defend.



 9th Inter-School Roller Skating Championship 2019


 Our enthusiastic skating champions mesmerized every one through their powerful performance in and won 17 Gold Medals, 15 Silver Medals and the 9TH Inter-School Roller Skating Champions Trophy.



Open Delhi State Taekwondo Championship 2019


Our young Taekwondo champs clinched 79 Medals and a shimmering Rolling Trophy in the OPEN DELHI STATE TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Their efforts made them win the Best Team Trophies in boys and Girls Category. Kudos to the champions.  





At 10TH Inter-School Roller Skating Championship 2019 at :D. D. A SPORTS COMPLEX, PITAM PURA DELHI-34 on 19th July 2019 and brought home 14 Gold Medals, 13 Silver Medals and 9 Bonze Medals : The proud



Winners of the 1st M.S. Champions Trophy (U-13)


Our young cricketers in making showcased the best of their skills and abilities in aU-13 Cricket tournament brought home a glittering Rolling Trophy. The winners were: Pranay Sachdeva (VIII A3), Aryan Sharma( VIII A2), Yatarth Babbar( VII A1), Manan Dua( VII A2), Kananv Sharma (VII A3), Aditya Jaiswal( VII B2), Harshit Arora( VII B2), Mayank Yadav( VI B1), Tanmay Arora(VIII B1), Lakshya Shukla( VII B2), Ranvir Mittal (VIII B1) Yuvraj Singh VIII A3). Arnav Sakhuja ( VIII A3), Parth Uppal (VIII A1) , Yug Kumar (VIII B2) and Hardik Bhardwaj (VIII A3) 



Rolling Trophy at Bhatnagar International School


Our young tennis players won lots of laurels in the inter- school zonal Table Tennis Sports Competition 2019 and notched a shimmering Rolling Trophy. The young achievers were : Pavneet Singh ( VIII A2), Krishna Aggarwal ( VIII B2), Aryan Aggarwal (VIII B2), ShivamWalia ( IX B1), AsmitLal( IX A2), Rajas Hood ( VI B2), Vansh Aggarwal ( XI B1), Parth Yadav ( XI B1) , Giwish Chhatval ( VIII B1), Divyani Ghandhi ( VI A1),Anshika Garg ( VII A1), Jaisna Bindra ( VIII A2), Anuska kumar ( X A1), Tripti Ahuja ( VIII A2)and Priyanshi Gupta ( VI A3).




Rolling Trophy in the Junior Athletic Meet 2019


Our budding athletes won 6 GOLD, 3 SILVER and ONE BRONZE Medal along with the shimmering Rolling Trophy at Delhi International School, Edge, Dwarka. The winners  were :  Raghav (PS Daffodil),  Amaira Guota  (PS Lotus),Vani Sharma ( PS Lotus ) Omansh Vashist ( Pr Daisy ) Yashika Sahani ( Pr Lily), Kaashvi Bassi ( PS Daffodil ), Shrey Pathak ( PR Lily ),  Reyansh Garg  ( PS Lily)  And Pratisha Sharma ( PS Lily). Ansh Arav ( PS Lily), Ishita Gupta ( Ps Lily) Dhruv Tandon ( Ps Daffodil), Parav ( PS Rose ) Garvit Chetri ( PS Rose ) Enaaya Kaur Bakshi ( Pr Lily)


Rolling Trophy in Junior Sports 2019 at Delhi International School

Heartiest Congratulations to the winners of the Junior Sports 2019.  The proud winners of the event were: Hardik (Pr Rose), Omansh Vashisht (Pr Daisy). Ansh Aarav ( Pr  Lotus), Ishita Gupta ( Pr Lily), Dhani ( Pr Lily), Yashikaa Sahni ( Pr Lily)



Rolling Trophy in the Primary Athletic Meet 2019


Congratulations to the winners at Delhi International School, sector 3 rohini: Ghanisht Chauhan (III A1), Harsh (III A3), and Anushka Kakkar (IV B1) won the first prize. Jhanavi Singla (III B2), and Arnav Singh Shokeen (IV A3), bagged the second position. Mishika Abbot (III A3), Aarav Luthra (IV A3), Amaira Sabharwal(V A3), and Devanshi Mahajan (V A1) won the Third Prize.



Our Ace Swimmer Honoured with the Best Swimmers Trophy

At Late Mai Chand Memorial Invitational Swimming meet held at Talkatora Stadium, our ace swimmer Ssmridhi Vijayaran (XI B2) showcased her mettle and brought home many laurels. She has been adjudged as the Best Swimmer for her remarkable performance and won the Best Swimmers Trophy. Her remarkable performance made her win the following events:

·  Ssamridhi notched the Gold Medal in 500 meter breast stroke and awarded a cash prize of Rs.700.

·  Under the category of 200 meter individual medley, she won the Gold Medal  and a cash prize of RS 700.

·  In 50 meter butter fly, she bagged the Silver Medal and a cash prize of Rs  500.


Congratulations to Our Young Swimmer in Making

At Late Mai Chand Memorial Invitational Swimming meet held at Talkatora Stadium, our young swimmer Shatakshi Sharma (IX B1) won the Gold Medal and a cash prize of Rs 700 in 200 meter individual medley. In 100 meter freestyle swimming competition, she won a Gold Medal and a cash prize of Rs 700. Under the category of 50 meter butterfly, she bagged the Bronze Medal and a cash prize of Rs 300.



Inter School Relay Race at Indraprastha

Indraprastha World School, organised an inter school Relay Race - Eggs in the Basket on Friday August 16, 2019 for the students of Class I. More than 20 schools from Delhi and NCR participated with great zeal, and enthusiasm. With the commencement of the event, the atmosphere reverberated with the echoes of cheers encouraging budding athletes. The winners were awarded with the trophies and medals by the school authorities and the Director of Junior Sports India (JSI)- Mr. Satinder Tanwar. Indraprastha World School bagged the shimmering Rolling Trophy.


Champion in Lawn Tennis at National Level

Brimming with talent and energy, our young Lawn Tennis player Deepam Malik (VII A1) participated in the Nationals of Lawn Tennis organized by SGFI at State Lawn Tennis Academy in Mumbai ( Maharashtra ). Deepam exhibited the best of his skills under 14 Boys category and made the school proud by clinching the Third Position. He has been felicitated with a Bronze Medal at the National Level Kudos to our ace Lawn Tennis Player for his commendable achievement.


Winner all the way …
All India Lawn Tennis Association organized the inter-school Lawn Tennis Competition from January 26 to February 2, 2019 at Pradhan Tennis Academy. Our energetic and enthusiastic Lawn Tennis player Deepam Malik (VII A1) once again carved a niche in the field of sports by winning e a shimmering Gold Medal ( in doubles Category ) and the Silver Medal in ( singles category )



Winners of the Champions Rolling Trophy at the First Rising Wonder Cricket Tournament

Our Young cricketers in making exhibited their best of skills and physical agility in the inter school cricket tournament and won the Champions Rolling Trophy of the First Rising Wonder Cricket Tournament under the captainship of Kavish Arora They added one more feather in the cap of Indrapastha World School. The proud winners were: Kavish Arora (Captain (XI A2), Digvijay Singh (V. Captain) (X A2), Yash Bhola (IX A1), Manav Jagrwal (IX A2), Siddhart Katoch (X B1), Samart Saini (X B1), Aryan Bansal (X B2 ), Aryan Tejpal (IX B1), Aryan Ashok (IX A2) , Aryan Jaggi (X A1) , Aryan Sharma (VIII A2), Vansh Bhardwaj (IX B2), Kunal Kukreja (XI A2)