The School staff plays an important role in ensuring that students learn in a safe and supportive learning environment. They foster positive, trusting relationships with students and improve school climate by encouraging parent and family involvement in education. Thus, the school believes that it is integral to regularly motivate and empower them by orientation programmmes, capacity building workshops and subject-enrichment sessions. Duties and responsibilities are assigned to different teachers to hone their leadership skills.


Raising Learners for 2040


Indraprastha School Sahodaya, Delhi Schools Sahodaya Complex in association with The Karadi Path Education Company organised a conclave of Principals, School Managements and Thought Leaders on December 20, 2023 at Hotel Eros-Shangrila, New Delhi. Shri Sanjay Kumar, IAS, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The speakers were experts from the field of Artificial Intelligence and Education sector, comprising principals of prominent schools, and other educationists from The Karadi Path Education Company who presented their views about the revolutionary changes that the Education system will see in future and the need to enhance our current educational pedagogy so that our students are able to meet the challenges ahead. A special workshop was taken by Ms. Preetika Venkatakrishnan, Educator and Senior Vice President, Karadi Path Education Company on ‘Reimagining the English Classroom’. It was an interactive workshop wherein she emphasized the role of expression and voice modulation in classrooms. Further, Dr Sreerama K Murthy, AI Visionary and Global Mentor, highlighted the role of AI in future. The concluding session was taken up by Dr Sriram Parasuram and Ms. Anuradha Sriram, prominent Carnatic and Hindustani Vocalists on ‘Music as the Soul of Learning’.

The conclave gave valuable insights to school leaders and mentors and provided a platform for exchange of ideas inorder to improvise on teaching-learning pedagogies in accordance with the New Education Policy.




Professional Development Programme




Organized On/At

Theme/ subject

Resource Person

Attended By



   25 May 2018


   Indraprastha World School

 Workshop on Yoga and   Fitness


 Ms. Megha Jaggi


 All staff members

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. The session started with a warm- up asana endowing us with flexibility. The resource person discussed about our weak points and routine problems of long working hours. The yoga session was highly rejuvenating and energizing

   May 24, 2018


   Indraprastha World School

 Success strategies in the   field of education


 Ms. Monika Solanki   (The  Times of India).


 All staff


The objective of the workshop was to provide success strategies in order to reach the goal with utmost faith and positivity.by quoting an example of  Deepa Malik who played shotput for Rio Paralympics and won the silver medal at international level. Further, the strategies of how to be successful were discussed at length to make improvisations in teaching learning process


   May 23, 2018


     Indraprastha World School


Leadership and team building



Ms. Rashmi Chari,                  a motivational trainer

All staff members

All staff members were familiarized with the concept, characteristics and purpose of having a team in the school. It focused at the problems which teachers come across while managing a team. The session comprised brainstorming group activities like 'Human Tic Tac Toe' and 'Eggo calypse' which made each member realize the importance of teamwork and group dynamics. Guidelines were given to focus as team leaders in classroom and motivate children amidst conducive and constructive environment.


   May 22, 2018



    Indraprastha World School

Handling Adolescence

Ms. Anjali Singh from Ratna Sagar, a motivational trainer


All staff members

Ms. Anjali conducted a workshop in our school on Handling Adolescence. She vividly explained that the teenage is the most sensitive phase of a child’s life and one needs to be very careful while handling children during this age. While interacting with the teachers, she shared her personal experiences and made the atmosphere more enriching by conducting some activities. Moreover, she advised the teachers to be calm and friendly with students also.

   May 21, 2018


   Indraprastha World School

About Newly Launched Application

 Mr. Sarabjeet Singh,       Rachna Sagar


All staff members

 A workshop was organized by  Mr. Sarabjeet Singh of Rachna Sagar about the newly launched application. He guided the teachers to make their Id and question papers on their website. The teachers can have an access to the same from their own home and enrich their content knowledge using the application.

 April 14, 2018

Venue :

   Bal Bharti School, Dwarka

Pronunciation and Accent Training in French

Dr. Sushant Mishra and  Mr. Haru Mehra

Ms Richa Aggarwal

On the occasion of the launch of 6th International French Spell Bee at Bal Bharti School, Dwarka a “pronunciation and accent training” workshop was organised by the Free hindi Education Pvt. Ltd. These sessions briefed the audience with the correct pronunciations and phonetics of various words in French. Mr. Haru Mehra  stressed on how to “Make your class Interactive the APPPP way” wherein he inducted the teacher on how to make their classroom teaching effective using the APPP way that is Activity, Phonetics, PPT, Practice, Performance evaluation. He also shared various fun ways to make students learn French.


   May 18, 2018



   Cambridge Foundation School,     Rajouri Garden Extn., Delhi

Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills

Mr. M.L Sawhney (Former Delhi University Professor).


Ms. Savita


Workshop provided a platform for professional development and facilitated subject based interaction among the teachers. It aimed at the better understanding of the subject and how to incorporate life skills in the class room teaching so as to help students improve their personal and social qualities.  For these skills lead to individual development, personality enhancement and  instill a ‘positive behavior’ to deal with challenging situations.


   May 19, 2018


   Venue: ITL Public School,     Dwarka


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop for Class XII (English Core)


 Ms. Kirti Tandon and       Ms. Malabika   Chattopadhyay


Ms Saakshi Khanna

A two day workshop was conducted for the English teachers teaching class XII in ITL School, Dwarka under the aegis of CBSE in order to make the teachers aware about the marking criteria, paper setting, paper checking and other general guidelines to be followed in class XII.

There were separate sessions for Reading, Writing, Poetry and Prose. In each of these sessions, teachers were apprised about innovative methods which can be incorporated into the teaching learning practices. A brainstorming session related to the teaching of the novel helped teachers share their own methodologies with each other.




May17 & 18, 2018



St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. School, JanakPuri.

Capacity Building Programme for English, Class IX

Ms. Richa Sengar (ELT Trainer, British Council

Ms Pooja Phour

The workshop provided a platform to discuss how to incorporate different aspects of language in classroom teaching with the aid of new books introduced by the C.B.S.E. Following points were highlighted during the session:

 Significance of learning a second language and multilingualism as a strategy for learning. It stressed the practice of MPF i.e., Meaning, Pronunciation &Form. Significance of reading and how to develop the reading skills among students were also emphasized.


    May 17 2018


   Venue: N.C Jindal public     


Importance of moral science in current school scenerio

Dr  Ajay Kathuria


Ms Samiksha


The resource person introduced the concept of moral science in different ways to highlight the importance of moral science in our life and how we can instill the  values among students through interaction. and sharing real life examples.


May 15 , 2018



Mount Abu Public School , Sector -5 , Rohini , Delhi

Preserving our biosphere understanding science then & now


Dr. Uday Kakroo, Director at MIEF (Millennium India Education Foundation)

Ms. Meena Chandolia

The resource person briefed about the project MIEF. This project aims to make children aware of their sacred duty towards preserving the biosphere which is being affected adversely due to global warming. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the students to research and explore the vital components of the biosphere and know how they play a significant role in creating a sustainable environment.



January 31, 2018



Adobe Sector-25A Noida

Workshop on Adobe udaan

Mr Ashok Pandey and Adobe Expert & Executives of the company

Ms Asha Srivastava,              Ms Pooja Makol


The conference was based on digital approach to foster creativity at schools level. These new age skills will help students and teachers learn wide range of modules like photoshop, animation, HTML. Applications of these programmes would  help students develop their creativity, teamwork, communicative skills and critical thinking along with the curriculum.



January 20,2018


Venue :
Indraprastha World School

How to solve accountancy paper

Accountancy workshop by Mr. G.S Grewal and Mr. Khosla

Mr. Khan and Ms. Sonali)

Some tips and tricks of how to solve accountancy board paper and difficult areas related to company accounts, partnership, accounting and tips of time management were discussed by the eminent experts.




December 15,2018


Venue :

India International Center


Sexual behaviour of school children in changing socio - cultural environment


Dr Ravindran,

a renowned psychologist and therapist


Ms Samiksha


Child sexual abuse and sexual behaviour in general is the matter of concern. The workshop aimed at educating and sensitizing all the members on this issue and how to deal with child abuse and legal issues related to adolescence & how to control increasing sexual tendencies among school going   children. Also how to seek help from teachers and parents in making students   know the difference between the ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’.

December 14, 2018



N.K. Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka

CBSE’s changing patterns of teaching and assessments- subject enrichment activity

Oxford publications

Resource Person: Ms Gayatri Khanna


Ms Jasleen Kaur,                 Ms Manjeet Anand,                Ms Tamanna Mahendru,         Ms Renuka Vig

The workshop was about the changing trends of teaching and learning process in CBSE. It   apprised teachers with various grammar games that we can play in the class as the enrichment activities and teaching pedagogies.  It stressed on different ways of writing stories, dictation   and talked about different literary devices to be taught to the students through poems of class IX- X.


December 6, 2017


Venue :

Venkateshwara International School,Dwarka

Igniting minds and unleashing own potential

Author and writer from the  Oxford University Press, India’

Ms. Neha Sharma,

Ms. Khushboo Sharma,

Ms. Mira Grover,

Ms. Saloni,

Ms. Pooja Jain

The areas covered in the workshop were Learning through Activity based plays, introduction of sight words before teaching, Phonics through their utility based sentences, minimum writing in Nursery, using the technique of storytelling in teaching all the concepts, use of action words and of flashcards to make classroom teaching more interactive.


November 27, 2017


Venue :

Sadhu Waswani School

Capacity building programme on Economics

Mr. S.K. Aggarwala and Ms. Jaya

Ms Anjana Minocha

The aim of the workshop was to discuss Typology of Questions, give examination tips for the preparation of exam and the topics to be deleted, share the recent changes in CBSE syllabus and pattern of examination. And the clarification of doubts relating to critical topics in micro and macro economics.


November. 7, 2017

An open ended session for Mathematics teachers by Rachna Sagar

Dr. M.N. Parti


Ms Ritu Sharma

The one-day workshop for Maths teachers of classes III TO VI focused on the problems faced by the teachers in teaching different topics at different levels. The aim of this workshop was to share the knowledge of teaching and to sharpen  teaching skills.


Oct.13, 2017


Indraprastha World School, (Biology Lab)

Molecular Biology



Ms. Anita Mahajan (HM Middle)&Edudap




Science faculty

Various areas related to molecular biology were discussed in detail.






September 23, 2017


Venue :

Hotel Royal Plaza,  New

21st-Century computational thinking

any body can code – 21st-Century computational thinking



Ms. Ritu Ranjan

The conference was based on the topic “ 21st-century Computational Thinking.”The agenda of the conference was to discuss the scope and nature of technology in Computational Thinking and how to use it in Computer Science and other subjects. The panelist discussed about different methodologies that can be used to hone the logical and critical thinking skills of the student.


Sept. 7, 2017



DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar

Remodeled assessment structure of CBSE X


Ms Shweta Singh, Joint Director, Academics (CBSE)


Ms. Asha Srivastava

The workshop focused on the Remodeled Assessment structure of class X.  It was conveyed categorically that only 3 periodic tests should be conducted by all schools for class X.  The teachers were apprised with the objectives of Subject Enrichment Activities and the purpose of notebook assessment was clarified. Blue print of periodic question paper, marking scheme  and the syllabus prescribed by the  board, assessment of co-scholastic subjects., 8 point and 5 point grading scale, format of the  Report card of class IX and the retest in case of absenteeism were the main highlights of the workshop.

July 17, 2018

Venue :

Bal Bharati Pub. School, Ganga Ram Hospital DL

Role of students in universalizing  Sanskrit language



Shri Rajesh Chaturvedi, CBSE Chairman


Dr. Darshana Vinayak

Discussed the significance and the role of Sanskrit and how it inculcates confidence in students. Emphasis was laid on age appropriate  curriculum also.

July 11 &12, 2017


Faculty Dev. and Research Centre, Shankar Vihar

Programme in Science, capacity building Class-X.

Dr. Parul Tyagi and Ms. Maninder Pal Kaur.

Ms Neha Bhateja

A two day training programme was organized by C.B.S.E- Centre of Excellence, Gurugram. The programme trained teachers  to prepare effective lessons plans. 


July 8, 2017

Venue :

Centre of Excellence , CBSE

Changes  by CBSE in Curriculum 2018


Dr Vikas Vijay


Mr. A.A.Khan

Modern Teaching Methods, Accounting, treatment of Goods and Services Act (GST) in class XI, changes in the marking scheme of 2018 question papers, discount on issues of debentures, conversion of debentures into share and treatment of realization expenses, latest changes in companies Act, 2013 were discussed in this session. It was an informative session


June 29, 2017

Venue :

Banasthali School, Vikaspuri



Coping with stress for a happy life


Dr. Aditi Singhal


Various factors leading to stress and its detrimental effects on a person’s biological functions were an eye opener. How to control stress through psycho therapies was shared with the teachers. The resource person reiterated that positivity in thoughts, emotions, attitude and memories (‘TEAM’) is must to change the outlook towards life


June 9 &11, 2017

Venue :

Hotel Ocean Pearl Retreat, Chhatarpur, Mandir Road


Making  of  a perfect principal


AKS Education

Ms. Shikha Arora

Various areas related to the administration like human resources, financial management, academic leadership, professional etiquettes, branding and marketing strategies to increase the students strength, safety measures, transport management etc were discussed in two day workshop to apprise the members with the basic knowledge that  essential in the making of a perfect Principal.


May 22 and 23, 2017


Lotus Valley International School, Noida

Teaching of social sciences for classes IX-X


Mr. Madan Sahni

Ms.  Kanika


In this session teachers were apprised with the marking pattern, rating scales, recording procedure and the guidelines to be followed while assessing students in Social Science. Bloom’s Taxonomy was recalled, grading pattern and how to justify their assessment strategies and  ways to sustain the creative and learning environment through activities were discussed in detail.

May 15, 2017


Venue :

School Auditorium

Stress free living

Dr. Aditi Singhal

All staff members

 The workshop aimed at helping teachers overcome stress and fears which they face in their day-to-day life. Issues like fear, lack of confidence, expectation from others, and our responsibility towards self and how not to hold on negativity were discussed.                   Dr Aditi conducted activities to release stress.

May 7,2017



Sadhu Vaswani School

Introduction of the project work of Economics prescribed by CBSE


Mr. J.P. Goel, Associate Prof. & HOD Eco. (Retd.),Post Graduated from Hindu    College, Sonipat (Haryana) Edudap

Ms. Anjana Minocha

The workshop focused on developing interest of the students in the concept of economic theory and its application. The interactive session focused on finding and sharing ways with each other to help students understand abstract ideas, exercise the power of thinking and develop his / her own perception.


May 9, 2017


Indraprastha International School, Dwarka

Training programme on scratch and MIT inventor by Google.

Executive form the App Inventor

Ms Ritu  Ranjan

In the App Inventor session, the resource person from Google gave guideline on how to create stories in Scratch.



April 25, 2017

Venue :

The Indian Public School, Rohini


Hindi teaching

Dr Vinod Prasoon


Ms Jyoti Malhotra

This workshop aimed at sharing with teachers the common mistakes students make while writing Hindi and how to make it more interesting while teaching.


April 21, 2017

Venue :

 Mount Abu Public School, Rohini

Training Programme on integrating Technology


Mr Udai Lauria, President  Crisp


Ms. Ritu Ranjan

Inclusion of ICT is must in education to facilitate teaching learning process. Mr Udai introduced a programme : Connect Classrooms for Effective Teaching in Schools, a global education programme introduced by the British Council in partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID)


April 5, 2017

Venue :

Hotel Samrat, Chankyapuri, Kautilya Marg, New Delhi


Learning olympiads organized  with Digital Citizenship and Cyber Wellness (DCCW)



Chief Child


Business(CRB)- UNICEF

Mr. Pawan Duggal

Cyber Law Expert

Mr. Shrikant Sinha CEO, NASSCOM

Compt Deptt

Learning Links Foundation launched LEARNING OLYMPIADS. The eminent panelist discussed the importance of cyber safety awareness for students, educators and community. They proposed that every school must have cyber cell in the school to take care of the students to discuss common cyber issues and how to tackle them.


March 22, 2017

      Venue :

Lotus Valley International School, Noida



Enhancing Mathematical Knowledge for teaching


Dr. Jonaki Ghosh for middle school (VI-IX).


Ms Surbhi Jain and

Ms. Deepti Verma

The goal of this workshop was to enhance the Mathematical Knowledge to teach in classrooms and how improve the Geometry and visual thinking of the students. All teachers worked on activities based on abstracting and generalizing patterns, developing algebrical understanding using manipulative and functional approach to Algebra.


February 25,2017

Venue :

Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar


Kitab Let

Ms Amritsa

Ms Jasleen Kaur

The workshop aimed at strengthening ways to hone the learning skills of the students. Emphasis was laid on the unique amalgamation of cultural values and the variety of reading texts available online for children. This concept was given shape by TATA Trust and Parag- Spreading the Joy of Reading and development of an app “Kitab Let.” It is a digital library to promote love for Indian languages among children.

January 24 and 25 , 2017

Venue : St.Gregoria, Dwarka

Capacity building programme in English for class X.

Ms Kanta Vadhera

Ms Bhawna Keswani

Two Days workshop organised by CBSE apprised teachers with the strategies to be used while managing classrooms. Teachers were guided to create an environment that supports and facilitates academic and social learning. Their teaching style must aim at developing positive attitude among students, inculcate abilities which will help them in managing their  interpersonal skills and tackle  misbehaviour among students.



Venue :

Presidium, Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi

Capacity building programme on Mathematics

Ms. Ishita Mukherjee &            Mr. Pawan Bali


Ms Surabhi Jain

Tips on effective Mathematics teaching  in class X using new methodologies to sustain the interest of the students in the subject were discussed.  Planning of effective lesson plans were the key highlights of this session.

Venue :

Maharaja Agarsen Public School, Ashok Vihar




Capacity building workshop on Gender Sensitivity


Ms. Usha Anand and

Ms. Geetanjali Kumar


Ms Samiksha

The training session sensitized the teachers about the rising gender issues in and out of the classrooms, Activities like role play and group discussion were taken up to conceptualize gender equality, Classroom management strategies, textbooks were reviewed keeping in mind the gender sensitivity in schools to make the learning environment child friendly and comfortable


January 27 and 28,2017

Venue :

Indraprastha World School

Museum Learning

Ms. Habiba.

Social Science Faculty

Master objects placed in the museum can be used as an aid while imparting the knowledge about the past.

The resource person shared some innovative ways of sharing the historical facts using objects to promote love for learning among children.

May 23, 2017

Venue :

Indraprastha World School


Attitude is everything

Ms. Prakriti Shrivastava


All staff members

The behavioral workshop dealt with the concept of changing our attitude towards life. It is the attitude that matters. Cherishing positive attitude towards students promotes learning. Stress was laid on keeping the class interesting and interactive using multimedia and activities to develop the motor skills of the young learners.

19 May 2017

Venue :

Indraprastha World School

Workshop on Educomp Smart class

Ms. Shweta


All staff members

Educomp keeps upgrading its techniques as it helps teachers in facilitating their teaching learning process. All the staff members were updated with the different features added in the Educomp. The session aimed at improving the efficiency of teachers.


May 17, 2017

Venue :

Indraprastha World School

Attitudinal Change

Mr. Bhavesh Suryakant from Hindustan Times.

All staff members


The workshop focused on ways to change the attitude of a child towards studies in his formative years. The resource person suggested some interesting ways to improve the EQ (emotional quotient) of the child, which in turn will improve the attitude of the child towards studies. Emphasis was laid on positive reinforcement.

April 5, 2017

Venue :

Indraprastha World School


Understanding Extremism

"Radicalism and extremism, while they are dangers, they exist in every society on some level."

Executives of Webinar



Ms Ritu Ranjan

Webinar organized discussion on the topic started with different schools across the world. The teachers took great interest and commenced with the new ideas to deal with such a serious topic. The teachers from Pakistan sustained the view that being extremist does not mean to be a danger threat for the people. The session ended with a belief that it has become mandatory in all the schools to update students about the ill-effects of extremism and how to

13 October, 2017

Venue :

World of Wonders, Noida

Learning Through Fun

Mr. Harpreet Bhatia (CEO, Times, NIE)


Miss Naveli Deshmukh (Femina Miss India

2015-Second Runners UP

Ms Malvika Sethi

Times NIE Annual Teachers Meet-2017.  This meet was a respite for the teachers from the daily routine and engage in various fun filled activities like quiz and contests. Standup comedian Mr. Kishore Dayani and the Musical band ‘Zehen’ mesmerized the audiences with their performance. All  teachers got an opportunity to share their teaching learning experience and enhance their