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The highest form of leadership is transformational leadership. Leadership is not by rank or designation; it is by attitude and by competence. In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “As the leader, so the people.” According to this axiom, leaders set an example and become role models. A true leader is intelligent, dynamic, energetic, active, self motivated and ready to act and take initiative in all walks of life. At Indraprastha, we strongly believe in the mantra of building relationships because that’s the magic of understanding small things and sustaining it for a lifetime.


  • Studies show, that when families are involved in the education of their children in positive ways, children maximize on their untapped potentials and are more regular to school and demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour. The foundation for good parent teacher relationship is, frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child.


  • The school organises orientation programmes for parents of children who are newly inducted in the montessori, primary, middle and secondary school.  Such orientation programs are incredible opportunities for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip themselves for it. The school explains the pattern for conducting examinations, the extracurricular activities, the support required from parents, etc.


Orientation Day Programme


Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL organized the Orientation Programme for the parents of the new entrants on March 20, 2024Dr. Roma Kumar, a Clinical Psychologist & Senior Consultant at the Institute of Child Health at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi was the chief guest for the evening. The evening was also graced by the gracious presence of the members of the management.

Parents were warmly welcomed into the Indraprastha fraternity and hoped for a long and rich partnership. After the formal welcome the show progressed with the motivational song and the invocation dance. Preschool, Pre- Primary and class I, children presented the Annual school report of the year highlighting their achievements in diverse fields.

Dr.  Rajesh Hasssija guided the parents with his insight into child psychology. He rendered some valuable and often forgotten tips on the ever-evolving parent- child relationship. The school alumni, Dr. Ritu Aggarwal and the commercial pilot, Mr. Gautam Handa expressed their gratitude towards their alma mater for giving them strong roots to withstand the cutting-edge competition of the global world and attain excellence in their fields of interest. The Chief guest for the evening, Dr. Roma Kumar addressed the audience. She endeared herself to the parents with her experience and fruitful interaction. Her expertise motivated the parents to revise their ways of nurturing the young minds entrusted to our care during their formative years. She answered all the queries of the parents in the open dialogue session. It was a warm, cordial evening brimming with bonhomie and a sense of belonging to the Indraprastha family.








Udghosh- The Orientation Programme 2023

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”


The Udghosh - The Orientation Programme 2023 was launched on April 29, 2023, for the parents of class VI with a key goal of familiarizing them with the CBSE examination pattern. Additionally, the program aimed to encourage parental involvement in monitoring and tracking their child's academic progress. By providing parents with this essential information and fostering their engagement in their child's education, the programme likely helped create a more supportive and nurturing learning environment that can contribute to long-term student success.

The programme started off invoking the blessings of the Lord Almighty, followed by a formal welcome to the august gathering by Ms. Priyanka Puri. A glance at the various activities provided by the school in the Middle department was apprised by Ms. Jasleen Kaur, Ms. Kanika Vohra and Ms. Manisha Sharma through a PowerPoint Presentation. 

Later, Ms Divya Khanna, the school counsellor discussed important points focusing on Parent–child relationships. She gave guidelines about effective parenting. She also suggested different measures to nurture a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a glorious future. In her speech, she encouraged parents to give quality time to their kids. She concluded her session by inspiring parents to build a strong bond with their kids. 

Next, Ms. Shilpa Gupta apprised the parents of the turmoil going on in the minds of the students when they enter adolescence period. The students go on a rollercoaster ride with lots of whims and vices which affect their whole being. She also gave a strong message of being a good friend and confidante of the children rather than being a parent. This will help them to get the psyche of their kids.  

It was followed by a presentation on CBSE at a Glance presented by Ms Meena Chandolia and Ms Mehar Kapoor. They informed the parents about the CBSE pattern of examination. In their presentation, they gave a detailed system of assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic approaches worked out by the school. 

Ms. Vijaya Sharma, the Headmistress concluded the event by delivering a captivating presentation outlining the school's expectations for both students and parents. As she wrapped up her talk, she encouraged parents to join hands with the school in their efforts to guide their children towards achieving their highest potential. Her words likely left the audience feeling motivated and empowered, with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in helping their children succeed.









Parenting and Partnership Programme

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”


The Orientation Programme was hosted for the parents of the new entrants of the Indraprastha family. This programme provided an opportunity to further strengthen the bond between the parents, the children and the school.

The event was graced by the benign presence of Dr. Aruna Broota, a strong celebrated clinical psychologist who consented to be the chief guest on the special occasion. The event was presided by Hon’ble Chairperson and Chairman, Smt. and Dr. A. S. Rana, Indraprastha Education and Health Care and the Managing Director, Dr Rajesh Hassija.

The grand celebration to welcome the parents of the new entrants began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp with the shloka chanting. It was followed by a scintillation inaugural dance dedicated to Lord Krishna. The school principal, Ms. Shikha Arora addressed the august gathering and congratulated them on being an indispensible partner of Indraprastha in shaping their child’s future. 

Dr. Aruna Broota, conducted a highly motivational and sensitizing counseling session. She shared the basic tips with parents about how to handle the issues of parenting and mould their little ones into responsible citizens. Thereafter, Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, conducted a highly informative session wherein he shared the best practices and the innovative pedagogies practiced in the school. The endeavours of the teachers are so planned that they aim at making the young saplings blossom under love and care and become confident individual. The programme culminated with the vote of thanks given by Ms. Ravinder Anand, Headmistress Montessori wing.

At the outset, all ebullient gathering lauded the efforts of the management for their efforts of apprising them with the school curriculum and the education pattern practiced at Indraprastha. Overall, the event was a great success.