About our Alumni

Moments of laughter, memories of friends, recollection of the nooks and corners, nostalgia of the classroom walls, reprimands and praises… sounds familiar? In the fast-paced world, when everyone is busy with their own lives, there is a need to rejuvenate, recharge and yet again get ready to face the battles of life. At Indraprastha, we believe the children should always be connected to their roots because it is from there that they draw inspiration, courage and strength. School is that home where the students can come back anytime and reminisces their childhood and share their experiences with others. It is also a matter of great pride for the school when the students it has nurtured take flight and soar in the open skies fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.


I.A.S. Officers and Alumni of Indraprastha


Indraprastha family salutes to all the Civil Servants on the occasion of Public Service Day. It is time to acknowledge the stellar role played by our civil servants in nation-building.




Living Dreams


The Proud Alumni of Indraprastha Scripting Success Stories Across the World


Being Alumni is not just a title, but a lifelong commitment to the growth and the success of the institute. Beholding a glorious past of 20 years and an equally promising future, the portals of Indraprastha have seen countless students who have gone out into the world to make a name for themselves and their alma mater. It is believed that the success of a school to an extent is determined by the contribution an alumni makes to the nation. Indraprastha firmly is proud to see its alumni attaining success in the different professions chosen by them.