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Welcoming the Spring Season, Blossoming with Wisdom and Hope


As spring's warmth kissed the air on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami, students were enlightened by the significance of this festival, which marks the beginning of the spring season.

Students offered prayers in reverence to the goddess Saraswati and sought her blessings for academic success, creative pursuits, and insight. To further immerse themselves in the spirit of the day, students recited shlokas and filled the atmosphere with positivity and devotion. To strengthen their engagement, a captivating multimedia presentation was shown. It visually depicted the essence of Basant Panchami, showcasing the beautiful hues of spring, the rich mythology associated with Goddess Saraswati, and the importance of seeking her blessings for wisdom and knowledge.

Teachers delivered heartwarming messages emphasizing the importance of dedication and perseverance. Students were encouraged to carry the spirit of Basant Panchami forward, embracing the new beginnings that spring brings and actively pursuing their passions with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.



Merry and Bright: A Spectacular Christmas Celebrations


Christmas is a time of joy, celebration and spreading cheers. Students of IPWS celebrate the festival of Christmas with enthusiasm on December 23, 2023. It was a delightful celebration of the festive season.

Each and every corner of the school was decked up with the beautiful handmade artifacts, Christmas trees adorned with a variety of tinsels, bells, baubles, garlands, stockings and Santa Claus. Amidst the gala decoration giving Christmas vibes, students of IPWS presented a beautiful assembly conveying the message of Christmas that as human beings we must be benevolent, kind, and generous.

 The event showcased various presentations which were a visual treat for all and added a touch of grace and elegance to the assembly. The music choir presented the captivating carols and songs in their sonorous voice and filled the arena with the melodious tunes. To keep the energy high, a foot tapping dance performance on rhythmic beats with synchronized choreography had every one tapping their feet. In addition, a skit depicting the values given by Lord Jesus, insightful student’s talk and poem highlighting the significance of Christmas set the festive mood of the audience.

The assembly concluded with a heartfelt message given by the principal to the students. She motivated the students to remain positive, sincere and considerate in all their efforts and urged them to spread kindness and the spirit of giving.

It was a joyous experience for students which added a little more glitter to the celebration. They participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed it thoroughly. They were happy to spread happiness and welcome the winter solstice.

Overall, the assembly was a resounding success as it wonderfully conveyed the essence of the festival leaving an everlasting impact on the school community. 







Indraprastha  Celebrates Lohri 
“The chill of winter is over, spring is not far away, Happy Lohri.”
Festivals are occasions of joy. Students of Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL celebrated Lohri and Makar Sankranti with gaiety and enthusiasm. The auspicious event commenced by seeking the blessings of Almighty. The school choir came together to sing melodious songs which gave more verve to the celebrations. Thereafter , thought for the day, a short poem, student's talk and a wonderful message shared by a teacher made all the participants  realize the importance of  Lohri and other harvest festivals celebrated across the nation. 
To add more charm to the day, students of the primary wing presented a skit to highlight  the significance of festivals in our lives. The foot tapping Punjabi music energized everyone and the talented  dance troupe  decked up in colourful costumes validated the true spirit of festivity and enthralled the spectators. An aura of mirth prevailed that magnetized the audience, it  symbolized purity and the end of negativity. While the groovy folk dance of bhangra set the mood for the day, the school principal, Ms Shikha Arora lighted the pious bonfire. In her message, she lauded the efforts of the young learners and   wished a happy and prosperous Lohri to the stakeholders of Indraprastha.
Young Samaritans of Indraprastha Spread the message of Kindness
An inspirational assembly was organized by the budding Samaritans of class VI and reiterated the  importance of ‘Being Kind’.  The assembly focused on the value of acquiring positive traits of kindness and its value in present times. It helped students  realize the importance of being caring, affectionate, selfless and humble towards others.
The assembly commenced on a beautiful note with a morning prayer followed by the thought for the day. The highlights of the assembly were - a  heartwarming poem, sharing of experiences,  motivational song,  a thought provoking mime act, role play,  teacher's talk, and a graceful synchronized dance performance which not only entralled the audience,but also  made the spectators realize the importance of kindness. The marevellous perfirmances of class VI touched everyone's heart Headmistress Middle Wing, lauded the endeavours of each child. All the presentations were  highly appreciated by the audience.
Aazadi ki Jung- A Tribute to unsung Heroes 
" In attaining our ideals, our means should be as pure as the end"- Dr Rajendra Prasad
Students and teachers of middle wing brimming with patriotic fervour and zeal organized a special assembly to observe the Martyrs Day and pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the  Indian National Movement.   A plethora of activities were organised to infuse the spirit of unity, brotherhood and patriotism. The assembly  commenced with a revitalising thought for the Day, poem recitation and an enticing  patriotic song.The students paid a heartfelt tribute to Covid-19 warriors through a role- play .The highlight of the assembly , a  Musical Ballad – Azaadi ki Goonj majestically accentuated the unconditional love and sacrifice of the unsung warriors of freedom struggle.  Ms. Priyanka Puri highlighted the significance of Martyr’s Day through a persuasive talk. The assembly culminated with an enthralling and invigorating dance dedicated to our motherland and raised the emotional quotient if the audience. At the outset, Ms Vijaya Sharma, Headmistress( Middle wing) addressed the spectators and motivated all to be responsible and dedicated towards their nation by epitomising our brave soldiers.
Students of Indraprastha extended a Tribute to the True Heroes on occasion of Indian Army 
Students of Middle wing organized the 74th Indian Army Day in the special Assembly  with pride, zeal and passion, so that the  coming generations could  understand the sacrifices and contributions made by the Indian Army. 
The event was graced by the benign presence of Hon’ble , COL DIWAKER DOGRA,VSM (RETD), the proud recipient of Vishisht Sewa Medal. Ms Vijaya Sharma,Headmistress Middle Wing accorded a formal welcome to the esteemed guest. Young citizens of Indraprastha extended their tribute to the brave men of Indian Army because of whom we civilians live a life of peace and prosperity.
The talent team of Indraprastha under the guidance of their dedicated teachers exhibited their love for their motherland and freedom fighters through various presentations like thought, recitation, motivational song, rhythmic moves, talk show and role play  dedicated to Late CDS Bipin Rawat and other soldiers for their unrelenting services and the sacrifices they have made to protect the integrity and soverignity of the nation.
The chief Guest in his message exhorted that he was elated to see the committment and dedication of the students and love for the motherland.
He motivated the students to join Indian Army, too. Overall, the. Celebration was highly informative and enthralling too.


Chirstmas Extravaganza

 “Christmas is not only a season of rejoicing but also of reflection.”

Christmas is now celebrated by people around the world. It’s a time when family and friends come together and remember the good things they have. People, and especially children, also eagerly await Christmas as it’s a time when one not only gives and receives presents but recalls his/ her duties towards humanity.


Christmas or the birth of Christ is celebrated throughout the world with fervour and enthusiasm. The Christmas Special Assembly on this special day was organized by the students of Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL and all the students from Montessori to class X1 were a part of this celebration. The school was abuzz with yuletide spirits and packed with festivity to usher in the forthcoming holiday season and winter solstice!


A short brief about the importance of Christmas was narrated to the students by the anchors. It was followed by the thought for the day, poem recitation and a skit highlighting the significance of the occasion. The children enacted out their parts with inspiration and conveyed the message that Christmas is a celebration of spirituality, family bonding, and joy of giving.  It is a festival that unites the diverse people in the world.


The celebration of Christmas and music has no boundaries, it is a universal festival and Christmas Carols are the perfect examples of how multi lingual songs go a long way in fostering Global Citizenship in the perfect sense. The atrium echoed with the Christmas carols fervently sung by the school choir.  It was followed by a marvellous play based on Nativity. Each and every child was able to recall the teachings of the Jesus Christ and committed to make the world a better place to live in. Thereafter, the spirit of happiness and merriment could be seen through the scintillating dance performance which enthralled all the spectators. The special assembly ended with a message from ‘Santa Claus’ to the students to spread the essence of Christmas with love and the joy of giving.


Finally, the School Principal, Ms Shikha Arora in her message exhorted the relevance of Christmas and motivated the young learners to follow the preachings of Lord Jesus as they make everyone more humane and generous towards others.




Human Rights Day (December 10)

Indraprastha commemorates Human Rights Day


Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL believes in inculcating values among the children to develop a society where each and every person has the potential to sustain the code of conduct existing in society which aims at maintaining the social and political justice in all spheres. Students of class IV and V organized the assembly based on Human Rights to apprise the students with the right attitude and inculcated values of respect and solidarity among them.


They highlighted the need to generate awareness among others regarding human rights through student’s talk, declamation, poem recitation, role play and teachers talk, etc. The students depicted a gamut of issues including Women Empowerment, Child Abuse, Right to Education, Bullying and the Rights of the Elderly. Through the role play of Malala Yousafzai, young learners inspired everyone to be strong and stand for their rights to avoid exploitation.


 In a way, participants projected the theme of the Youth Standing Up for Human Rights and focused on the role of youth in collective movements which are the source of inspiration for a better future. The students concluded the assembly with a song “We are the World.”




International Day for Tolerance (November 16)

We Are People We Are Equal

"Tolerance is a new idea, one which we need now more than ever." It leads us to respect cultural diversity, ways of life and expressions of our own humanity. It is a necessary condition for peace and progress for all people in a diversified and ever-more connected world. It is a fundamental value which we want our pupils to be aware of and demonstrate across school and in their life outside school.

Students of Indraprastha organized the special assembly to commemorate the International Day of Tolerance and made everyone realize that it’s the time for the young people to learn about respecting and recognizing the rights and beliefs of others, to reflection and debate on the negative effects of intolerance. 

Class II  to  IX depicted the concept in a beautiful manner  through various activities like role play, dance, student talk, teachers talk, dance, skit, street play and exhibited their love for the culture of other countries like Korea and UK by enthusiastically showcasing their love for the sports like Taekwondo and authors of UK. The teachers shared their view on the relevance of non-violence and respect for others as the fundamental duty of each and every citizen in the contemporary society. Children were motivated to be tolerant in their attitude towards the people of other nationality.

 Our enthusiastic learners made posters to spread the message of being tolerant and proved that love for humanity is their ultimate goal of life. Overall, it was an enriching experience as it inspired and motivated the pupils to recognize that the best way to develop their tolerance.





International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17)

Spreading Awareness to end Poverty

“One of the keys to ending child poverty is addressing poverty in the household, from which it often stems. Access to quality social services must be a priority."


Poverty is a deadly menace to society and it is the duty of each and every citizen across the globe to aim his actions to end poverty in all its forms. It is one of the sustainable development goals and the efforts to spread awareness to eradicate this social evil will definitely free our fellow men, women and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty.

Keeping in sync with the same, students of Indraprastha organized the special assembly to observe the International Day to Eradicate Poverty and help humanity break this vicious circle of  this deadly menace.  

Students from Montessori to XI participated in the assembly and observed October 17 as the International Day for eradicating poverty. A beautiful message on importance of education and the power of knowledge to eradicate poverty was conveyed through an inspirational song which highlighted the role of education in eradicating poverty. The presentation was praised and enjoyed by everyone. Through student’s talk and teacher’s talk all the participants were made aware of the statistical data which proved that to promote the goals of sustainable development driving out poverty from the globe is must. An inspirational skit, recitation and a street play were the main highlights of the assembly. The spectators were deeply touched by the presentations and realized that the eradication of the poverty must be our priority and the ultimate aim.

Out students went beyond the four walls of classroom and proved that no one can stop our future generations from doing away with this serious lacuna of the society and create a better society to live in. Our students collected woollen clothes and donated to the NGOs, visited an orphanage to share goodies with the deprived children and the nearby slum area to equip them with the basic skills to earn their means of livelihood and raise their standard of living.





International Peace Day (September 21)

Ambassadors of Peace and Harmony

"Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures." 

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL always strives to inculcate the values of impeccable generosity and harmony among students to transform them into responsible and global citizens of tomorrow. The school organized a special assembly on the International Day of Peace to apprise the young learners with the significance of peace for the harmonious growth and development of the world and promote the message of ‘Vasudhev Khutumbakam’


The assembly commenced with a beautiful prayer dedicated to the Almighty to seek his blessings. The students and teachers delivered the message highlighting the relevance of peace in modern times through talk show. To add more sheen to the assembly, a lively and informative street play was presented by the theatre society of the school. Students inspired the spectators to practice, promote, and propagate the values of peace and harmony across the society and the world. A stunning dance performance emphasised the meaning of universal peace and integration. The performance depicted volumes of their pulsating talent.


The highlight of the event was the Poster Making Competition proposed for classes VI to IX based on the theme “Global Peace and Harmony,” which gave the young Ipites a platform to give expression to their thoughts and creative skills.   The assembly was addressed by the school Principal. In her speech, she  emphasised the necessity of peace in present times and welcomed the children to the new world of concord and amity.




International Youth Day ( August 12)

Promote Lifelong Learning Opportunities For All

Students of Indraprastha as the responsible citizens planned and organized the assembly to celebrate the International Youth Day. They believe that it is the youth who through their endeavours can generate  awareness in the society and get the world out of the infinite problems faced by the youth and be the real partner in change.


The assembly commenced with the prayer. The special assembly of the International Youth Day was presided  by the School Principal, Ms Shikha Arora and attended by the parents of class IX.  It was followed by the thought for the day and the student’s talk, teacher’s talk, street play and dance. All the activities shared the importance of the International Youth Day. They apprised the audience with the following facts :  that there are currently 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world.  A major chunk of the largest population ever recorded lack basic reading and arithmetic skills which hampers the progress towards the SDGs. Besides, this special day seeks to raise awareness to the cultural and legal issues faced by  the youth throughout the world.


 The entire assembly was meticulously planned. It strongly communicated the message of raising the youth as leaders of change. The guest parent in the assembly motivated the student too. She urged them to be change makers and help youth in combating various problems like unemployment, peer and parental pressure and substance abuse etc. The school Principal, Ms Shikha Arora addressed the assembly and shared with students that the International Youth Day has increased the quality and quantity of opportunities available to the youth to actively participate in society. She lauded the efforts of the youth and said, “Young people have courage to think differently, the audacity to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are the great qualities that they must work towards.”  The efforts of the students for organizing an inspirational assembly were appreciated by all.


It is said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Keeping in sync with the same, one such effort was made by our students of the interact club, who organized a visit to a nearby slum to train the people with different skills in order to make them earn their means of livelihood. The sincere initiatives of the young children proved that they have the potential and courage to change old ideas and practices.




Freedom of South Africa (April 27)

Long Walk to Freedom

Students of the primary and middle department organized the special assembly related to the theme of the freedom of South Africa. The assembly began with a beautiful song dedicated to freedom by our little cherubs. They all enthralled the audience with their beautiful thoughts and made everyone realize that freedom is must for each and every individual on this earth. It was followed by an inspirational quote from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. The thought strongly stated “Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.”

Students of class VIII made beautiful posters and banner showcasing the freedom fighters. Through the teacher’s and student’s talk, it was highlighted that every year South Africa celebrates its freedom and the right to vote on April 24. A day  when all South Africans got an opportunity to cast their vote in the country’s free and democratic elections. All this was made possible due to the commitment and education of the freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela and many more social activists, who today stand as a stark reminder of south Africa’s apartheid legacy. Several freedom fighters died at the hands of an unjust and inhuman apartheid.

Further, through a street play and a scintillating dance performance, emphasis was laid on the importance of freedom for all people. Finally, they took a pledge that they will always aspire for freedom and stand against oppression and injustice. Overall, it was an enriching experience for students as it made young learners realize  that they must grow up as global advocates for human rights.





World Water Day (March 22)

Water – the driving force of all nature

A special assembly on “Water – the driving force of all nature” was conducted by the students of class V and IX.  The assembly was organized to spread the message that water is the most important necessity of life for all the living beings on this Earth. Thus,  water conservation has become a need of the hour. So, we all must stand together to conserve water to save life. Time and again it is necessary for us to make generations realize that water is the most important element of life.


The energetic students of class IX commenced the assembly with the prayer and sought  the blessings of the almighty. It was followed by the thought for the day. Significance of water was well-explained through a motivational thought, an inspiring poem, student’s talk and a one act play.  Children highlighted the facts which are responsible for the increasing  the demand of water and also spoke beautiful quotes about its uses and importance. Some simple methods for saving water like collecting rain water for various purposes, cutting off shower time, etc. were suggested through placards and a talk show.


The assembly concluded with a pledge by children to ‘save water and never waste it’ and urged the audience to join the mission.  Our primary students went round the school premises holding posters to sensitize their peers and motivated them to take one step forward to conserve water before it is too late. The students holding posters based on the theme ‘Save Water’ strongly communicated the message of conserving water. Their informative posters were appreciated by all and their awareness was best tested in the quiz given to them in class. The entire assembly was a delight to the audience as the performers put across the show with great ease and perfection.

Ms. Anita Mahajan, Vice Principal appreciated the efforts of the students and asked the children to make an effort to consciously ensure that they do not waste water - an elixir of life. She addressed them to be the harbingers of change and the protectors of the mother earth, She motivated them to change their style and habits towards the use of nature’s bounty which is essential for the continuity of life on this planet  The children expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their continuous support, effort and dedication. Overall it was an amazing show put up by the students which strongly communicated the message that Save water, Tomorrow, it may save you...