Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn towards the light and that makes them strikingly different and beautiful, each one. Children are like flowers. We must let them blossom by giving them our compassionate smiles, our undemanding, kind words and our art of confidence.
As human beings, we all go through discrete, identifiable changes in behaviour with indicated physical and psychological needs. It is during this period of constructing foundational skills, the learner is laying the groundwork for the adult he or she will become. Going by the words of William Wordsworth ‘The Child is the Father of Man‘, I always second that the role of home and school are vital for the proper exercise of virtues inherent in children.


All children have an innate ability to learn, adapt and follow. What they see is what they learn. It is of immense importance that during their childhood years, we nurture them with the gift of moral values. It is the seed that is sown then, which will bloom into a beautiful tree later.


At Indraprastha, we nurture them to have compassion for others, be humanistic in their approach, develop the courage to face life’s challenges and forge ahead with a dauntless spirit. Our aim is to ensure that children who are under our care transform from timid youngsters to amazing learners, ready to explore their own horizons. Let’s use our influence as adults to create a world where our children have the opportunities to grow and change.


Let us be the role models for them. Show them the path of truth and righteousness, give them education that widens their perspectives and takes away the germs of prejudices. Let our children be the torch-bearers of truth and shine over the entirety of the human society brightening even the darkest corners.


Shikha Arora