• Parents must read the contents of the Almanac to get acquainted with the school's system and its functioning.
  • They must check it regularly for entries from the school and interact with the teachers through this Almanac. They must ensure that their ward(s) bring the Almanac to school every day. Please purchase a new Almanac immediately in case your ward loses it.
  • It is essential for the parents to fill in the pages of the student's record clearly, correctly, completely and endorse their signatures in the aforesaid form and a copy of the same must be submitted to the class teacher.
  • They should ensure strict adherence to the prescribed uniform, cleanliness and personal hygiene of their wards. It is compulsory for the students to wear the I-card every day.
  • They should furnish to the school, their latest office, residential address and telephone numbers. These are vital for the safety of their wards. In case of change of residence, the school office must be informed immediately along with the evidence / proof of the new residence.
  • They should ensure that their ward carries textbooks/notebooks according to the timetable only so that it becomes easy to carry the school bag.
  • Parents must guide their ward to maintain a record of worksheets and school circulars.
  • Information regarding availing of leave must be maintained in the leave record. Students with less than 80% attendance will not be allowed to take the annual examination.
  • Leave will be granted to the students only on the submission of a prior application signed by the parents.
  • Absence without proper written information for more than two consecutive weeks will lead to striking off the name of the student from the school rolls. Re-admission will be subject to the availability of seats and only after depositing the re-admission charges.
  • One month's prior notice is essential for withdrawal of any facility/admission during the session. However, the transfer certificate will be issued once clearance has been obtained from the school and accounts office.
  • Constant vigil on the part of parents pays rich dividends. We sincerely recommend that parents should regularly monitor the daily activities of their ward, their performance in class tests, pen and paper tests as well as the submission of projects, assignments & other home tasks given to them.
  • In case of illness, it is important that the child takes complete rest at home and rejoins the school after complete recovery. Doctor appointments etc. should be scheduled on non-working days as, there is no provision of half day or short leave for students.
  • Parents’ co-operation is required to keep a check on their ward's regularity, punctuality and discipline.
  • Parents should make arrangements for picking up their wards from the respective bus stops without fail. They should also ensure that the person picking up their ward from the bus stop must carry the parent / guardian I-card.
  • It may not be possible to arrange special meetings of the parents with the teachers during the school hours. However, emergencies can be mentioned in the almanac or e-mailed immediately to the school.
  • All communications by the parents should be addressed to the Principal.
  • The students are not permitted to drive any vehicle to school. Strict parental supervision is required for this.
  • Students must converse only in English during school hours. A conducive atmosphere may also be provided to the students at home to improve their communication skills.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings play a vital role in monitoring the progress of each child. Parents are advised to attend the Parent-Teacher Meetings without fail.
  • Parents must ensure that their wards do not use foul or offensive language.
  • Parents must take care that they do not discuss any teacher in the presence of their ward.
  • Distribution of gifts and cake among the students on birthdays is prohibited. Wearing casual dresses is not allowed in the school on birthdays and PTMs.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their wards carry their personal belongings and are trained to be responsible themselves for the same.
  • A student suffering from any infectious or contagious disease must observe the under mentioned prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school: 

    Chickenpox - Till complete falling of scabs.

    Cholera - Till the child has completely recovered.

    Measles - Two weeks after the rash disappears.

    Mumps - Until the swelling has completely subsided.

    Jaundice - Six weeks.

  • A fitness certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner must be submitted on rejoining school.
  • Arriving late to the school is not permitted. The students who come late for more than two days shall face a disciplinary action on the third such occurrence, or may be sent back home.
  • Students are expected to be present on the first day of the academic year, on the opening day after vacations and on the closing day before vacations.
  • Parents who make private transport arrangements for their ward by hiring vans / rickshaws etc. will be fully responsible to ensure that proper verification of drivers, rickshaw pullers is done and all safety measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incident.
  • Altercation with the staff on duty or the security guard is unbecoming and should be avoided at all cost.
  • Non bus-users will not be allowed to go out of the school premises unless escorted by the Parent / guardian carrying the Guardian's / Parent's Card.
  • Parents are requested to visit the school website regularly.
  • Water bottles or tiffin sent to the school through anyone, for the students, will not be accepted by the school as a matter of security.
  • To maintain discipline and academic progress, students will not be allowed to leave early from the school.